irr. app. (ext.) – The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk (cassette)

irr. app. (ext.) ‘The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk‘ c40 (2011)

A bit of a departure in the irr. catalogue, the tracks on this album were built around experiments with a virtual VCS3 sequencer.  ‘Sleepwalk’ is comprised of 7 contiguous parts (except of course for the break between sides). Professionally manufactured cassette with J-card and printed translucent red shell, limited to 200 copies. Released by errata in excelsis [eieCS001]. Duration: 40 minutes.

side A: The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk, parts 1-4
side B: The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk, parts 5-7

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