irr. app. (ext.)
[CDR] (2013)

‘Tuberpendicular’ is the result of an unlikely confluence between the molecular agitation of plant-based starches, disturbances in the electromagnetic spectrum, and the inducement of resonating membranes by an unruly nervous system. Five of the seven tracks are refinements & elaborations of pieces originally submitted to the Nine Day Antler Society, and this release is the first in a planned series of NDAS-derived albums. Best when heard at a reasonably high volume through speakers positioned to create a wide stereo field, and be sure to have some quality malt vinegar on hand.

Fully-printed, cottage-made CDR released by errata in excelsis [eie013] in an edition of 200. Packaged in a clear jewel case with a single-panel insert and double-sided tray card.

Duration: 49:02.

1. Tuber Seducer
2. Tuber Receptor
3. Tuber Reductor
4. Zyggoqquorzalzenpolycosm
5. Ollottrilotlillittaialiattat
6. Tuber Inducer
7. Tuber Refractor

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One Response to “Tuberpendicular”

  1. […] Matt Waldron’s music has a tendency to linger at the liminal point between eccentricity & outright absurdity. This album interestingly draws away from both, presenting instead a more serious soundscape. Waldron handles sound the way a magician might use a cauldron; scraps of ideas from a myriad sources are thrown into the pot sometimes on a whim, sometimes to steep & transform the nature of the whole. In the case of Tuberpendicular, the choice of sounds is as tantalisingly anecdotal as ever: almost nothing sounds synthetic, & the resulting smorgasbord of unrelated, almost identifiable sources impacting off each other makes for an absolutely fascinating aural journey. [irr. app. (ext.)] […]

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