Josephine & Elsewhere

irr. app. (ext.)
Josephine & Elsewhere
[CDR] (2010)

Second handmade live collection and 12th full-length irr. album. This disc features the best moments of 3 live performances in Seattle during October of 2009.

A hand-assembled CDR release packaged in a jewel case with a printed photo cover & printed disc, including an original signed & numbered ink drawing and a handwritten track listing inside each booklet. Released by errata in excelsis [eie008] in an edition of 200 copies (of which 7 remain).

Duration: 62:14.

1. Weaning Ysbryda In A Yurt Full Of Fluid
2. The Four Horsemen Of Natural Science (after Aphrodite’s Child)
3. Haphazard Trajectory I
4. CMBR (variation 1)
5. Rogue Gluons Castigated By The Strong Nuclear Force
6. Caniad At Yr Annisgwyl Sbasm
7. Sprialfederschlagen Und Meckern
8. Haphazard Trajectory II
9. Piddle-Fie-Ungulate
10. CMBR (variation 2)
11. Bestial Discharge
12. O, Wistfully Cantillating Paraceratherium
13. Admonitum Tripartitus

some past examples of J & E booklet drawings:

J&Esamples01 J&Esamples02.

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