MSW portfolio #1

M S Waldron ‘Portfolio 1: Charcoal Drawings 1999-2011

A print portfolio assembling 12 of my charcoal drawings from the past 15 years. There will be no more than 60 of these portfolios made (and possibly fewer if there isn’t much interest). These aren’t fancy giclées or lithographs or anything like that: just nice quality professional prints on sturdy 100 lb. paper. My thinking was that it would be better to do something that is affordable for people who aren’t necessarily fine art collectors but still had nice-looking results.

Each print in the set is signed and numbered with the title handwritten on the back, and each set comes with a cover sheet printed on standard weight paper (which is also signed and numbered). All of the prints included in the set can be seen on the cover image above. Each drawing is reproduced either at actual size or very slightly reduced to fit the 11″ x 14″ paper format being used; I decided to keep the overall page size uniform (and at what is considered a ‘standard’ picture size) so that the whole set fits together better, but this does mean that the border widths around each individual image will vary since the drawings are different sizes.

I’m having these sets printed in batches of 10, so there may be short periods of unavailability when I’m in the process of having the next batch made. The link to this page will be deactivated during those periods.

The drawings reproduced are: ‘Bird Brains’ (used for the cover of the ‘Neognath In Machina’ 3″ CD); ‘Autochthonous Insurgency’ (used on the insert for the ‘Skeletal Copula Remains’ LP); ‘Corborygmus’ (used for the ‘Final Utterance’ flyer); ‘Selenodesic Larviparal Extraction’; ‘While Unconscious In Compost, I Was A Motile Vesicular Cluster’ (used on the sleeve of the split LP with Panicsville); ‘Not In My World’ (used as the cover of the She Mob CD of that name); ‘Audio Superimposition’; ‘The Demiurge’s Presumption’ (used as the back cover of the ‘Perekluchenie’ album); ‘Spurious Elements: Fire’ (used in the booklet for the ‘Elements’ CD by French Radio); ‘Distillation’ (used as the graphic for the ‘Four Orphans’ download album); ‘Childhood In The Shadow Of The Lepidoppelgänger’, ‘Dust Picher Appliances’ (used for the cover of the album of that name).

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