The Museum Of Lost Vinyl


Hi all:


After years of tremulous anticipation, a new full-length record from Thomas Carnacki has finally dropped! And it’s on vinyl! ‘The Museum Of Lost Species’ is now available for purchase here.

As if that wasn’t bowel-ticklingly fabulous enough, it’s available not only in the standard, utilitarian black but also in a giddy swirl of blues and greens that might have been siphoned straight out of your favourite memory of a summer’s day.

Quantities are limited, but the thrills are not if you grab a copy for yourself in a prompt but orderly manner.

I’ve also added a combined postage button at the bottom for a Carnacki Fancy Pack, which bestows upon the intrepid buyer not only the colour swirl version of the new record, but also the Thomas Carnacki / Vulcanus 68 split LP, the blue vinyl edition of the ‘Where’s My Love…’ 7″, and all three of the TC CDs available in the shop. Relieve all of your deep-seated Carnacki longings in one fell swoop.


I still have a few copies of the new ‘Are All Things Equivalent?’ 10”s left, but not many. Best to get yours soon before I decide to put any more of them in my butt. Also, a couple of the large NWW ‘Shipwreck Radio Final Broadcast’ design t-shirts are still available. All the XL shirts are gone.

more news soon…



New Carnacki/Vulcanus 68 split LP

carnacki_vulcanus68SPLITLPcvrcarnacki_vulcanus68SPLITLPdiscJust listed in the shop is a brand new split release between eie favourite Thomas Carnacki and the duo project Vulcanus 68. This enticing example of sonic sorcery comes bundled in a snappy art sleeve featuring imagery by my own self, and is infused into a dazzlingly colourful slab of voluptuous vinyl. Each album includes a code for mp3 download. Get your copy here.

Several new irr. app. (ext.) releases are forthcoming very shortly: ‘Neognath√¶ Portentosus’, a new 3″ CDR release on the Petit Mal Music label; ‘Observation Affects The Outcome’, a collaborative CD with Finnish underground mainstay Pentti Dassum (released by the Ukraine-based Monochrome label), and an irr./Six Heads collaborative cassette, continuing the series of releases on Readymades Tapes (Quality Since 1893). The 3″ and the Dassum collaboration are both finished and in transit, and so should arrive in the shop within a week or two. The cassette should be ready sometime within the first two weeks of February. Therefore, I am giving the option to those interested in the split LP — particularly overseas customers who have to deal with ridiculous postage rates — to put a hold on a copy of the Carnacki LP so that it can be bundled with some or all of the other impending releases. Simply contact me and give me the details of which items interest you, and I will be in contact with a combined postage total as soon as everything is available. Of course, anyone can buy the item immediately as well. I have a very limited stock of the LP on hand, but I should be able to get a few more when they sell out.

On the subject of bundling, I have added some new buying options to the 3 recently-released irr. CDRs: on each of the three pages there are now added buttons at the bottom that have prices with combined postage for all three releases (since the majority of people have been buying all three). One is for domestic shipping using Media Mail + tracking, and the other is for all non-U.S. destinations using First Class International shipping. I wish this had occurred to me earlier! In the future, whenever groups of items are being released together, I will (at least initially) include these combination buttons to alleviate some of the postal distress (again, particularly for overseas buyers) since this site does not accommodate a shipping calculator.