Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage – Let’s Play! CD


Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage ‘Let’s Play!’ CD (2014)

The debut CD of Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage, who created the source material for this release when he was a mere 20 months old. Encouraged by his parents to be musically adventurous since his residency in the uterus, Master Cameron has wasted no time in learning to finesse all of the instruments at his disposal, taking to the drums in particular just like a duck takes to those things that ducks usually take to. The results were recorded and then sent out to into the vast musical network that Madame and Monsieur Rage have cultivated throughout their long years in the biz; the cream of the world’s pop superstars answered the call, and a wide variety of styles is represented in the results. Of special note to irr. listeners: in addition to the irr. track, there is also a piece by the irr. alter-ego 7CV — the first appearance anywhere of this soon-to-be globally-acclaimed and universally-loved project. Packaged in a clear jewel case. Released by Readymades Tapes in an edition of 500. Duration: 56:39.

1. 7CV – ‘Prelude To Night Of The Schlagkinder Camaclysm / Night Of The Schlagkinder Camaclysm’
2. The Bent Taxis – ‘Wish Upon Burt Lahr’
3. Taylor / Curley – ‘#1’
4. Magnetic Lucifer – ‘Buck Up Little Camper (Our Sorrow Never Shows) [aka CIA Special Tranmission From Cambodian Undercarriage]’
5. G. Stuart Dahlquist – ‘On Our Own’
6. Kawaguchi Masami – ‘Kosmic Blues’
7. irr. app. (ext.)  – ‘Mister Basher-Pants’
8. Curley / Taylor – ‘2’
9. Numinous Eye – ‘Stay Silly’
10. rmills – ‘Rage’
11. The Pink Chunk Jazz Band – ‘Cam Jam Version 6’
12. At Jennie Richie & Eriijk Ressler – ‘Gone To California’
13. Andrew Liles – ‘Fortunate Son’
4. Mason Jones – ‘Cam Drumz (Furious Infant mix)’

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