October Vesicles

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Hi all,

Just a quick mention that the October installment of Vesicular Distributor has been posted in time for this month’s fee-less Friday on Bandcamp. Perpetual thanks to all of you that have been supporting the monthly digital single and all the other downloads: it’s made an enormous difference in what would otherwise have been a pretty dire year.

I’d hoped to have a few other things available today, but I just couldn’t quite get them done. It’s 6 am now and I’ll have to admit defeat this time. They’ll have to wait for December.

I’ll end by mentioning that I’ve been invited by the big S to do a remix of Rock ‘N’ Roll Station, and I’m very excited about the guests who have agreed to contribute their voices to my version! It’s going to be a thing of beauty and astonishment when it’s all stitched together. I have no idea when or how the results will be released, though.

Hope all of you are holding up in these dubious times, and have uplifting projects & people to help you through it all. Give your alpaca a belly rub for me. Much love to you all.


September Vesicle Now Being Distributed

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Hello all,

The world just keeps getting crazier! Since my last post, I’ve had to spend part of the past month hiding indoors to avoid a vast cloud of toxic smoke… apparently a global pandemic and a megalomaniacal president aren’t enough. Fortunately, the local frogs seem to have survived the hazardous air; I’ve been amassing a catalogue of little portraits of them, which you can see on my Instagram page here: www.instagram.com/m.s.waldron. They’re also on my personal Facebook page (not the irr. FB page).

The September installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’ is now available! I’m particularly happy with how this one turned out. It’s Bandcamp’s Fee-less Friday, so if you get it sometime today, all the proceeds (except for the PayPal fees) will go directly to me. The single is all that I’ve posted this month: it’s tempting to pile on a bunch of new stuff every time one of these fee-less days comes up, but I’m concerned that people are getting burned out on it. I might have a couple of extra things next month.

As I mentioned in the last update, I’ve remixed and remastered the audio for ‘Nocturnal Emissaries‘. I just wasn’t satisfied with the version I posted last month. If you’ve bought a copy, you should be able to go to my Bandcamp site and download it again to get the revised version. It’s not enormously different: the adjustments I’ve made mostly involve some refinement of the details and cleaning up some messy frequencies.

Hope you’re all doing well and staying clear of wildfires, toxic clouds of smoke, viruses, racist extremists, eight-legged donkeys and sociopathic police.


Many Thanks!

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Hi all,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who supported the new Bandcamp listings this past Friday (and afterwards)! Although I wasn’t quite able to make up for the full month of income I missed in August due to computer-less-ness, there were definitely enough sales to keep me solvent and get the bills paid, and that means a lot — especially since those bills included the cost of a new computer. I typically would not have the financial resources to cover a big expense like that! But, thanks to the help of all you sexy people out there, I’m still in the pink… or the black… or whichever colour means you’re not completely broke. Maybe it’s ‘in the green’.

I also wanted to send out an apology: upon reviewing the mix of ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ that was released on Friday, I feel that I fell short of a reasonable standard of quality. I had reviewed the mixdown several times before posting and thought everything sounded good, but apparently I didn’t give myself enough distance from it. When working on something and listening to it repeatedly day after day, it’s always useful for me to set it aside for a few days so I can get some objectivity back; I was in way too much of a hurry to get everything ready by Friday, so some sloppy work slipped through. I’ve already begun revising the track, and will send out an announcement (here and through Bandcamp) after I post the repaired version. Anyone who bought it should be able to go to Bandcamp and download the new version with no problem. More on this soon.

all the best to all the best,



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One more quick note: I finally managed to post the ‘HCA‘ album (not ‘HAC’ as mis-typed in the last update) to Bandcamp… about 6 hours later than I had planned. At least I was able to stay awake long enough to finish it today… but now I’ll need to slide into a coma for a couple of days…

HCA cvr

Thanks again… zzzzzzzz….


Darker Emissions & Shady Distribution

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Hi again,

The new items mentioned in the last update have now been posted to the irr. Bandcamp site. These are:

The July installment of Vesicular Distributor (I accidentally posted both of the August images last time)

Vesicular Distributor 07a cvr

The August installment of Vesicular Distributor

Vesicular Distributor 08a cvr

The irr.-manipulation-of-NWW-live-sources album ‘A Darker Shade Of Fat’

A Darker Shade OF Fat cvr

The new irr. album ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’

Nocturnal Emissary cvr

And — not posted yet, but I’m nearly ready with it and am really looking forward to finishing it so I can actually get some sleep someday — the spoken word album ‘HCA’, which is an absurdist derangement of the already really peculiar writings of Hans Christian Andersen. I used his texts, but strategically omitted parts of them to make the content more abstract — although with the restriction of not changing or re-ordering any of the content, just leaving out parts of it. Should be posted in the next couple of hours.

HCA cvr

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!


Back On The Mechanical Bull

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Hi All,

After a month of being computer-less, I’m finally fully reconnected and functional. The unexpected failure of the replacement computer I’d set up after my earlier unexpected computer failure created some serious obstacles for me… I was unable to post the July installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’ (or anything else), I couldn’t get any work done, I couldn’t access any of my files, I couldn’t access this website, and I could only get meagre internet access from one of those awful smartphones everyone seems to love so much. This has taught me to keep a written password key somewhere in my studio: these days there are more passwords than I can possibly commit to memory, so if the device with my password manager fails, it shuts me out of a lot of important resources. An old-styley analog backup can be a useful thing.

A public service announcement: do not order a computer directly from Dell! I’ve never been particularly knowledgeable about hardware, so I thought this would be a good way to get some proper tech advice from a sales rep before I bought anything. The result was hardly shy of outright fraud. I didn’t have any internet access at the time, so I called the Dell help line and placed my order on the phone (never do this!); I was sold a brand new computer with a good processor, but sent an old, discontinued computer with a older, slower processor, and was charged more for it than had been quoted over the phone. Fortunately, I was able to return the dud machine and get a refund, but it took endless hours of being left on hold to get it sorted out. And by the time I got my refund I had been left stranded for a month without a computer — which meant being unable to work, which meant being unable to generate any income. Most of you probably already know this and are more tech-savvy than I am, but in case you aren’t: stay away from Dell direct sales! In the age of reckless Amazon indifference, it seems impossible to find honest & transparent dealings anywhere.

Vesicular Distributor 08a cvr
Vesicular Distributor 08b cvr

On to more positive news: I have the July and August installments of Vesicular Distributor ready to post in time for Bandcamp’s no-fee Friday tomorrow. I’ve also put together a few other things to try to compensate for the month of income I missed in August. Apologies for putting out another clump of stuff all at once: if you can grab it all on the no-fee day tomorrow it would of course be very much appreciated, but everything will still be around after that if your finances are slim.

A Darker Shade OF Fat cvr

One of the new things offered tomorrow at the irr. Bandcamp site will be ‘A Darker Shade Of Fat’, the third plundering of my Nurse With Wound live recording archive. The first instance was of course the NWW album ‘Dark Fat’, followed by the outtake & extras irr./NWW collection ‘Dark Drippings’. The original ‘Fat’ was created to be part of a box set of NWW live-derived material, but Steve liked it enough that he wanted to give it a solo release; at that time, the box set was still going to happen, so I started work on some new material to replace the missing ‘Fat’. That is the provenance of these ‘Shade’ tracks. The idea for the box set gently evaporated, so I never needed to completely finish the replacement tracks, and they have languished in their penultimate state for the past 3 years. While looking for something very-nearly-done that I could get ready in time for the 4th, this project immediately came to mind. Just as the cover of ‘Dark Drippings’ was a spin on Steve’s collage for the ‘Dark Fat’ CD cover, the cover for ‘Shade’ is a spin on his collage for the DF vinyl set.

Another item scheduled for tomorrow will be a brandeloquenly-newified album called ‘Nocturnal Emissaries: An Audio Inquiry In Seven Secretions’. This material is an exploration in taking studio improvisation, nudging it part-way into textural abstraction, and then basting the results in a viscous, atmospheric gravy. Intended for the nourishment all sentient beings everywhere, but probably to the taste of only a modest few.

A third item is in preparation, but, if I manage to finish it in time, I’ll post about that when I send out all the links tomorrow.

All the best to everyone,


Radiant Black Friday

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Hello all:


I imagine you’re probably getting a little tired of the deluge of new releases every month on these Bandcamp First Friday events… but this is the last one on the schedule, so — except for the monthly single — I’ll be easing back on new releases for a while. The support many of you have shown on these no-fee days has been a huge help, and it is greatly appreciated.


For this final event, I’ve prepared three new releases:


Firstly the ‘Vesicular Distributor’ monthly single for June.


Next, the third installment in my ongoing salvage & reissue series, the never-quite properly released sixth irr. album from 2001 ‘Radiant Black Future‘. New graphics, the original graphics, the original album text and extensive new liner notes are all included.

(new 2020 cover image)

(original 2001 cover image)

Finally, a surprise reissue of an unreleased 1999 project called ‘‘Patapheromone‘, which I had more-or-less forgotten about. I came across the raw materials for it while hunting down some missing sources for ‘Radiant’. Parts of this album ended up scattered amongst a few other albums from the period, but they exist in a substantially different context here, and much of the material was never used. Full details are in the album notes.

I still have a couple more unreleased albums to get to — ‘Not Hidden, But Concealed’ from 2000 and ‘Vulgar Probabilities’ from 2011 — but I won’t be forcing them on the public on a monthly schedule anymore. When those are finished, I’ll move on to restoring ‘An Uncertain Animal’, ‘Dust Pincher Appliances’ and ‘Ozeanische Gefühle’; that will take care of all the pre-2001 obsolete technology releases.

more soon,


Light’s Out

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As promised, a new irr. album has been posted to the irr. Bandcamp site. All proceeds that I receive from ‘Foraging For Daylight’ will be donated to Black Lives Matter. Today only, Bandcamp is donating its part of the revenue share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


The download includes the 40-minute title track, plus an 18-minute bonus piece condensing together some of the more atmospheric elements from the title track.


I’m still hoping to get the reissue of ‘Radiant Black Future’ ready in time for the next BC no-fee day on July 3rd. More news as it happens.


much love to everyone,


‘Daylight’ Drops Tomorrow

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Hello all:

On June 19th, Bandcamp will be donating all of it’s sales share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. To coincide with this, I’ll be releasing a newly-recorded irr. album ‘Foraging For Daylight’ and will donate all of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter. I’ll periodically post the date & amount of the donations on the album page. The listing should be active around 1 or 2 am tonight, and I’ll post a link when it’s up.

best wishes,



A Quick Follow-Up…

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After some bizarre technical problems from many different directions, the reissue/reconstruction of ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ is now available here. Another 20-year exile back in the homeland. I ended up staying up all night and straight through the morning trying to sort this out, so now I’ll try to get some sleep at 1:00 in the afternoon…

The May installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’ is also ready for action! Today is another Bandcamp fee holiday, so please grab one of these if you’re able…


Best wishes to you all! Stay safe!