Radiant Black Friday

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Hello all:


I imagine you’re probably getting a little tired of the deluge of new releases every month on these Bandcamp First Friday events… but this is the last one on the schedule, so — except for the monthly single — I’ll be easing back on new releases for a while. The support many of you have shown on these no-fee days has been a huge help, and it is greatly appreciated.


For this final event, I’ve prepared three new releases:


Firstly the ‘Vesicular Distributor’ monthly single for June.


Next, the third installment in my ongoing salvage & reissue series, the never-quite properly released sixth irr. album from 2001 ‘Radiant Black Future‘. New graphics, the original graphics, the original album text and extensive new liner notes are all included.

(new 2020 cover image)

(original 2001 cover image)

Finally, a surprise reissue of an unreleased 1999 project called ‘‘Patapheromone‘, which I had more-or-less forgotten about. I came across the raw materials for it while hunting down some missing sources for ‘Radiant’. Parts of this album ended up scattered amongst a few other albums from the period, but they exist in a substantially different context here, and much of the material was never used. Full details are in the album notes.

I still have a couple more unreleased albums to get to — ‘Not Hidden, But Concealed’ from 2000 and ‘Vulgar Probabilities’ from 2011 — but I won’t be forcing them on the public on a monthly schedule anymore. When those are finished, I’ll move on to restoring ‘An Uncertain Animal’, ‘Dust Pincher Appliances’ and ‘Ozeanische Gefühle’; that will take care of all the pre-2001 obsolete technology releases.

more soon,


Light’s Out

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As promised, a new irr. album has been posted to the irr. Bandcamp site. All proceeds that I receive from ‘Foraging For Daylight’ will be donated to Black Lives Matter. Today only, Bandcamp is donating its part of the revenue share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


The download includes the 40-minute title track, plus an 18-minute bonus piece condensing together some of the more atmospheric elements from the title track.


I’m still hoping to get the reissue of ‘Radiant Black Future’ ready in time for the next BC no-fee day on July 3rd. More news as it happens.


much love to everyone,


‘Daylight’ Drops Tomorrow

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Hello all:

On June 19th, Bandcamp will be donating all of it’s sales share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. To coincide with this, I’ll be releasing a newly-recorded irr. album ‘Foraging For Daylight’ and will donate all of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter. I’ll periodically post the date & amount of the donations on the album page. The listing should be active around 1 or 2 am tonight, and I’ll post a link when it’s up.

best wishes,



A Quick Follow-Up…

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After some bizarre technical problems from many different directions, the reissue/reconstruction of ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ is now available here. Another 20-year exile back in the homeland. I ended up staying up all night and straight through the morning trying to sort this out, so now I’ll try to get some sleep at 1:00 in the afternoon…

The May installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’ is also ready for action! Today is another Bandcamp fee holiday, so please grab one of these if you’re able…


Best wishes to you all! Stay safe!




Foreign & Domestic Matters

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Hi all:

It seems frivolous to be announcing this kind of thing in the midst of the terrible issues so many people are facing right now, but I’ll ask you to excuse me for moving forward with the plans I already had in place for the upcoming week. The prosaic struggle to keep up with my bills from one month to the next continues alongside the much larger life-and-death struggles that are taking place in the world. I hope that all of you are keeping safe, doing well & avoiding the brutal actions of the police as best you can.


On the first Friday of both June and July, Bandcamp has scheduled more of the full-day events where they pass along to the artist the full revenue share of any downloads that are purchased. To coincide with these, I’ve continued my restoration & release of some of the very early, barely-if-at-all-released irr. albums that have been lingering in my archives for the past 20-odd years. The one prepared for June 5th is ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’: the second planned irr. album which was assembled in it’s initial form in 1998, partly revised for a release that never took place in 1999, revised again in the early 00s, and then allowed to slumber undisturbed until four years ago. In 2016 I began a clean-up & re-assembly attempt from the raw sources, but lost momentum halfway through. I’ve finally completed the job. Two bonus tracks have been added: one being a track from the same period that has never been released, and the other being an isolated extract of one of the underlying elements from one of the album tracks.

The original version of ‘Foreign Matter’ was extremely flawed, so I’ve allowed myself a bit more leeway to elaborate on the tracks and fulfill the intent behind them rather than just reconstruct the existing material — but in doing this I’ve restricted myself to using only the sources that were created at the time. I’ve also revised the artwork a little for the same reason. As with the recent ‘Inception’ reissue, some exhaustive liner notes will be included, in addition to the text created for the 1999 version.

Speaking of ‘Inception’, it was released as scheduled on May 7th and can be got here.

The album in preparation for the next Bandcamp fee holiday on Friday July 3rd is ‘Radiant Black Future’. After that, regardless of Bandcamp doing any more of these events, I’m hoping to continue my momentum and get the other two ‘lost’ albums — 2000’s ‘Not Hidden But Concealed’ and 2011’s ‘Vulgar Probabilities’ — restored and released on the same monthly schedule.

The release date of the next two monthly singles will be adjusted to take full advantage of these same no-fee events, so instead of being posted on the last day of the month they will appear on the 5th and then the 3rd of the subsequent month, respectively.

Apologies again to all of you who don’t like the purely digital format! With luck, I’ll find a way to arrange a physical-format version of these before long. It’s working out much better for me to issue material like this first, because it allows me simply to finish the content and put it out immediately without the inevitable problems & long delays that come with any kind of manufacturing, and keeps a bit of money coming in on a more regular schedule. With the audio & graphics already done, arranging for some kind of packaging later on will be a much easier process.

Huge thanks to you all for continuing to give your support during these turbulent times! It means a great deal, and I honestly don’t know how I would manage without your help.


all the best



A Quickie

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Hi All! More news will follow soon, but I’ve posted a couple items today for Bandcamp’s revenue share moratorium.


Firstly, the April installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’:

Secondly, a pre-order for a digital download of ‘Inception & Silence Undivided‘: my 1998 full-length remake of Nurse With Wound’s ‘Insect & Individual Silenced’, which has been beached on a desert island for 21 years. The full audio will be released before May 7th.

My computer bought the farm last week, so I’m still scrambling to get the replacement one I’m using up to speed. Re-installing everything is a monumental pain the caboose, but at least I’m mostly functional again…



Quarantine Greetings

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Hi all:

I very much hope that all of you are doing well and staying safe during this uneasy time! As usual, a string of unforeseen twists & turns has delayed this update, as well as many of the projects I’d planned to have ready when I posted it… then the pandemic hit, and everything was completely turned on its head (I’m sure for everyone reading this as well). There are a few things to mention, however, and more will follow soon.

First, I’d like to thank all of you who have been supporting the irr. Bandcamp releases! This has been especially helpful during these past several weeks, since making trips to the post office is something I’m supposed to (and very keen to) avoid doing right now. The money that comes in from digital downloads is just about the only thing that is keeping me going during this shutdown.

On the topic of downloads: if you aren’t already aware, I’ve started another monthly digital single series this year. Like the 2018 series, every month’s installment includes two new tracks and two new graphics; also carried over from the previous series, there will be a bonus 13th single available for free to anyone who gets the full series of 12. The new twist added to the 2020 series is that each graphic is a panel in a continuous, illustrated narrative that will conclude in #13. When you download the tracks, you’ll also get image files of the story panels with a text caption underneath. New installments are added on the last day of every month, so the first 3 are already available. Here’s a peek at the first panel with text, plus panels 4 & 5 without:


As an aside, you still get the bonus #13 when you’ve purchased all 12 of the 2018 singles. If you get the 12 and are due #13, it might be a good idea to send me an email (irrappext@gmail.com) with a reminder to make sure there isn’t a long delay, or that I accidentally overlook it entirely. I’m not keeping as close an eye on the 2018 MDS sales these days and I might not notice that someone has hit the 12 mark (unless they do something eye-catching like getting all 12 at once).

I’ve got several other projects going to keep me busy (and, hopefully, financially stable) during the upcoming month of quarantine, but I’ll post more about that later. A series of self-isolation-derived recordings that I might be calling ‘Postcards From An Involuntary Holiday’ is already underway, making use of whatever sound & visual sources I can derive from my house & it’s immediate, socially-distant vicinity; I hope to have the first of those ready by next weekend. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of ‘Quarantine Sketches’ I’ve been doing to unwind during my virus-induced house arrest:


Much love and best wishes to everyone! I certainly hope to find all of you still thriving out there when we reach the other side of this ordeal.



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Hi all:


After Monday, my telephone & internet will be disconnected and I’ll be unable to respond to messages or process orders during that time. I’m not sure how long it will take for me to get those services set up again: it could take a while. Also, my physical address will be changing, so the old SE Rosespring address will no longer be valid. My phone number will also probably change after I get a new connection. I’ll post an update whenever it again becomes possible for me to post an update.




Original Art For Sale

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Hi all:

I’ve added some original art pieces to the shop and have re-configured how that section is set up. There are too many variables in regards to postage, so I’ve removed the ‘add to cart’ buttons since the primitive buttons I have to use on this site don’t allow for any kind of postage selection or calculation. And, obviously, there is only one of each item available, so it seems better to have people contact me first if they are interested in buying a piece: that way I can confirm availability and calculate exact postage based on their location and preferred shipping method. Full details are here. Any questions can be directed towards irrappext@gmail.com.

Some of the new pieces added are:


‘Permutable Schema I’ & ‘II’ [charcoal on illustration board]. Both created for the irr + Umpio collaborative CD of the same name. Available separately, or as a set for a discounted amount. Both are double-matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


‘Cephalaphoria’ [charcoal on illustration board]. Will be used for the cover of a forthcoming irr. project. Single matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


‘Paramensurate Gallimaufry I’ [coloured pencil on illustration board]. Will be used for the cover of a forthcoming irr. project. Triple matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


‘Downstream Transcription’ [coloured pencil on illustration board]. Will be used for the cover of the forthcoming ‘Stateless Emissaries’ album. Double-matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


‘Night Wearing Feathers’, ‘Intermediaries I’ & ‘Sunshine Bus Rider’ [ink on illustration board]. All created for the irr. + At Jennie Richie ‘Night Wearing Feathers’ collaborative LP. Available separately or as a set for a discounted amount. Single matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


‘Keys To The Cupboard’ [charcoal on illustration board]. One of my all-time favourites amongst the drawings I’ve done, this was created for issue #2 of the ‘Chambre Pâle’ zine, and is a portrait of a sadly departed and much-missed member of the Cooloorta menagerie, the hermaphrodite goat Cupboardie. In this image Cupboardie is depicted out on the Burren, witnessing the annual Burren tadpole explosion in a way that is entirely accurate and true-to-life. Double-matted, signed on the matting and backed with acid-free foam board.


Several other pieces are also listed. Photos of the matted versions — as well as sizes, prices, estimated postage costs, etc — can all be found on the ‘Original Art’ page.

This is yet another of my periodic attempts to try to scrape up some funds during a time of scarcity (a situation, unfortunately, that never seems to stay away for long). On this particular occasion, I’m trying to find a way to pack up, sort through and eliminate as many surplus possessions as possible, and move to a new (and much smaller) space while still working, producing material and keeping up with my existing deadlines so that enough income is still rolling in to pay the bills. It’s exhausting and depressing — but it’s also incredible that I’ve been able to keep at it for as long as I have, and for that I have all of you to thank. So, as always: thank you!




A few more Orphans hiding in the corners…

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Hi all:

While pulling things off the shelves to pack up for my impending move, I discovered that I had all the raw materials to create a few more copies of the ‘4 Orphans’ handmade package. So I have a tiny number of them available for sale again if any of you missed out the first time. These copies are the same version I had for sale at the NWW show in London last year, so without the numbered hand-drawn foam insert or the original sketch in the booklet from the first edition. The last page in the booklet will instead just be signed by me and personalised to the buyer.


As before, the copies are $40 each. In the States, postage is either $3 for Media Mail, $5 for First Class or $9 for Priority. Overseas, the postage is $14.50. As always, apologies for the lousy overseas rates! My understanding is that it is soon going to get much worse.


I have very limited quantities available, so please email me first at irrappext@gmail.com to confirm availability before you send money.


I’m hoping the funds from this will cover the last of the costs for a really spectacular collection I’ve been trying to assemble for the past year… it’s just a hair’s breadth from the finish line now, so I should have more news on that very soon. It will be the last physical release generated here at the Rock Creek Tributary… and then (hopefully) on to new and more productive pastures… or a steady descent into madness…