The World And How It Operates

Hello all,

A couple new things this Friday.

First, of course, is the NDAS Revisited collection for April, which features guest contributions on tracks 1 & 2. The first is from fellow NDAS contributor Eriijk Rêssler and the second is from the inimitable and indomitable Andrew Liles. From both I poached source material that was used to create a backdrop for expeditions into angular electric and/or acoustic guitar and/and Chapman Stick stumblebummery. The other two tracks are more sensible works of electro-acoustic composition. This installment is a tiny bit more expensive as it basically the equivalent to a full album’s worth of material.

Second is a new offering called ‘The World And How It Operates‘. This album was inspired by personal challenges both existential and postal in nature. It is divided into 4 tracks, but these tracks are meant to be contiguous. The album includes imagery and text that explore the deep mysteries of our universe and our minds, respectively. It has very little to do with food (except for limes) which is why I am hungry right now.

A bit more tinkering has been done to update the shop, and hopefully it’s all working properly. If it isn’t please take a moment to let me know! A reminder: the way the shop is set up now, it is necessary to click 2 buttons to buy something. One to add the item, and one to add the appropriate postage. Small quantities of the new prints and the ‘2023’ print + CDR are still available.

all the best,


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