Frogtown Heatwave

Once again, I’m a bit later with the Frogtown single than I had planned… I always seem to end up on the first Friday of the month now regardless of whether Bandcamp is having a no-fee day. I was fully on schedule to get it posted on Wednesday, but these tracks turned out to be particularly challenging to mix properly, and I’d rather do the best I can and be a little late than do an inadequate job just to get it out on time. They’re also a bit longer than the usual Frogtown tracks. There might be something extra thrown in as well.

The special guests featured this month are the fabulous duo of Andrew & Melon Liles. Modifications of Andrew’s sounds form the foundation of track 1 before all the goofy hoopla was added on top, and they figure into all of the other tracks to some extent. Melon’s voice was used to create all of the non-instrument sounds in track 2, and most of the time Andrew’s sounds were employed as the means of modifying it. Derivations of her voice are used in all the other tracks as well, in obvious or subtle ways. Huge thanks and big, froggy love to the Lileses for agreeing to participate in this project!

best wishes to all

Camplicated Manoeuvres

A new item has been added to the shop: ‘Let’s Play!‘ the first release by Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage, the precocious offspring of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer members Wm & Leslie Rage. Last year Wm sent a collection of recordings of 20-month old Cameron having a jolly good bash at a drum kit to a variety of his music-making friends, and the results have now been assembled and presented in sparkling high-fidelity on compact disc. A track with irr. app. (ext.) is in the mix, as well as a track with the irr. alter-project 7CV. cmn-rLET'SPLAYcvr

The other contributors are: The Bent Taxis (Alvarius B of Sun City Girls); Jeffery Taylor & Sean Curley (Climax Golden Twins / New Weather), Magnetic Lucifer (Geoff Walker of Gravitar and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer); G. Stuart Dahlquist (of Asva and Burning Witch); Kawaguchi Masami (of New Rock Syndicate and LSD March); Numinous Eye / Mason Jones (of Subarachnoid Space and solo fame); rmillis (of Climax Golden Twins); The Pink Chunk Jazz Band (John Olson of multitudinous projects); At Jennie Richie & Eriijk Rêssler (both founding participants in the Nine Day Antler Society); and the irrepressible Andrew Liles. More details available here.