Art Prints, ‘2023’ Added To The Shop

Hi all,

I’m lagging a bit behind as usual! But there are a few new things to report.

I’ve added 6 new art prints to the shop. The image sizes of the prints are 10″ x 10″, with an overall size of 10.5″ x 10.5″. They’re printed on 100# matte paper, and each is signed and comes in a resealable plastic sleeve. They’ll be shipped flat between cardboard. A few of the images have been available as prints before, but for the colour images these new ones are larger versions, and for the black & white images the reproduction quality is better. If there is enough interest in these, I’ll be adding more images to the selection available. If there’s a particular image you’d be interested in seeing as a print, get in touch and let me know!

The ‘2023’ CDR + art print has also finally been added to the shop. I had this available on the irr. Bandcamp site, but I delayed adding new items to the website shop until I could redesign and clean things up a bit.

There have been several changes made to the shop:

To make my maintenance & updates easier, I’ve created new buttons for the different postage options that are separate from the ‘Add To Cart’ buttons for each item. Now, after you add an item to your cart, you’ll separately need to add the appropriate postage category to your cart using the buttons beneath each listing. This makes my life easier in a few different ways. Instead of having to change the pricing for every single item each time the postage is raised (which happens much more frequently than used to be the case) I’ll only have to change the pricing for a limited number of postage buttons. It also makes it unnecessary for me to create special ‘bundle’ buttons: if (for example) your order is for 3 CDs, you just need to push the postage button for your location that is appropriate for 3 CDs. However, if your order combines CDs and LPs (or different formats like that), it’s still best to get in touch and ask for a combined total.

I’m hoping this change won’t be confusing for anyone! If you’re having any problems with the new buttons, please let me know at irrappext@gmailcom.

A few other changes were also made. Most of the older irr. CDR releases have been removed. Some previously unlisted items (the most recent Thomas Carnacki CD, some limited At Jennie Richie CDRs, some older Andrew Liles releases (on LP & CD) to which I contributed, and a few other items) have now been added. I hope to have some new physical items to add soon, including some new original art pieces.

Meanwhile, the NDAS Revisited monthly digital release continues, the latest one including a collaborative track with Thomas Carnacki, an early version of a track later used for the ‘Tuberpendicular’ album, and two other previously unreleased tracks.

All the best!



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