New MDS + ‘2023’

Hello all,

There are a couple new things posted for Bandcamp Friday. I know the vast digital outpouring from countless artists each BCF is getting overwhelming to many of you; I’m going to try to take it easy for the next few months and just post the monthly single. It’s been great to be able to pursue unbridled creativity and release new material (and get paid for it!) on a frequent basis without dealing with manufacturing or postal delays, but I recognise that a breaking point is approaching.

As promised (or threatened?), the new monthly digital single for 2023 was launched today. This is a revisitation of the Nine Day Antler Society series, which was posted without fanfare between 2012 and 2014 and largely ignored. All of the original (but remastered) tracks and graphics from the series will be included, plus some brief descriptions of the tracks.

The January installment includes the first 4 tracks & images, the NDAS entries for April & May 2012. The first track was a new piece created especially for the NDAS, but the next three tracks were odd items pulled from the archives, all originating from the late 90s. Not many other archival pieces were used during the rest of the series: further in I got better at creating new material from month to month.

Also new is the ‘2023’ album I hinted at earlier. This is a brand-new album which, in no small measure, redefines what experimental music was never meant to be if was conceived of in a way that only vaguely resembles what could have been if it had. This insightful work clearly spells out the course that the present year will follow for those that have the imagination & courage to delve in and apprehend the details.

A signed & numbered limited edition print & CDR of the album is also available, limited to 65 copies. As always, my sincere apologies to overseas supporters for the obscene postage rates! I tried to work out an alternate method for UK residents — shipping a bulk package to Colin Potter and having him sent out the individual orders — but the difference was less than $3 ($16.50 instead of $19.00). If you’re in the UK and you feel this difference is worth the additional shipping time, let me know. Next time I’ll give it another try. This is my attempt at a tax-time fundraiser, so I’ll be especially grateful to those of you are able to support it.

all the best to everyone!


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