Happy New Year!

Hello all,

I’m obviously running a bit late posting this. I hope you’re all having a thrilling and fulfilling start to 2023!

Two robust clumps of related materials have been posted to Bandcamp:

The 12th installment of the ‘Attention Dear’ monthly digital single is now available, as is the bonus 13th installment which is available for free to anyone who bought all 12. The four tracks included with #13 are all readings of non-English spam messages: French, Spanish, German and Icelandic. My quality guarantee to you is that my pronunciation of all four languages is equally horrendous.

Also posted is the 3rd and final collection of ‘Attention Dear’ instrumental versions; as with the 2nd collection, I got a little over-excited and included more tracks: 7 this time, instead of the 4 I’d originally planned to have. Thanks, more thanks, and eternal thanks to everyone who has been supporting the monthly series!

Also new is the audio from irr. Public Performance #9, which took place as part of the second Wooden Octopus Skull Festival at the Conjuring Room in Seattle, Washington on September 9th 2006. This was the first instance of the Waldron-Faulhaber-Haynes line-up. Irr. shows are always shambolic and peculiar, but this one was especially shambolic and peculiar, and also loads of fun.

While searching my archives, I found several hours of rehearsal recordings for this show. Most versions of the material were substantially different from the actual performance, and also from each other. There were also different improvisations that sometimes did and sometimes did not develop into the performance pieces. I added a bit of this to the show posting, but there was so much interesting stuff that I had to collect it into an entirely separate post. When I say “interesting”, of course I mean that I find it interesting… I have no idea what anyone else will think of this weird stuff…

A few other things are coming up next month: a limited print + CDR of this year’s New Year image (the print will just be the artwork, not the border & text on the version above), perhaps some more live show postings, but especially the debut of 2023’s monthly digital single. The new series will be a revival of the Nine Day Antler Society posts, which ran from April 2012 to November 2014 to an audience of just about no-one. The full run will be divided up into 3-4 tracks per month, and will include all the text and graphics from the original posts. More about this next time.

Happy New Year to everyone!



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