Camplicated Manoeuvres

A new item has been added to the shop: ‘Let’s Play!‘ the first release by Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage, the precocious offspring of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer members Wm & Leslie Rage. Last year Wm sent a collection of recordings of 20-month old Cameron having a jolly good bash at a drum kit to a variety of his music-making friends, and the results have now been assembled and presented in sparkling high-fidelity on compact disc. A track with irr. app. (ext.) is in the mix, as well as a track with the irr. alter-project 7CV. cmn-rLET'SPLAYcvr

The other contributors are: The Bent Taxis (Alvarius B of Sun City Girls); Jeffery Taylor & Sean Curley (Climax Golden Twins / New Weather), Magnetic Lucifer (Geoff Walker of Gravitar and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer); G. Stuart Dahlquist (of Asva and Burning Witch); Kawaguchi Masami (of New Rock Syndicate and LSD March); Numinous Eye / Mason Jones (of Subarachnoid Space and solo fame); rmillis (of Climax Golden Twins); The Pink Chunk Jazz Band (John Olson of multitudinous projects); At Jennie Richie & Eriijk Rêssler (both founding participants in the Nine Day Antler Society); and the irrepressible Andrew Liles. More details available here.


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