Hello All:

After four long years and endless faffing about in unproductive limboland, the irr. app. (ext.) / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / The New Blockaders collaborative mash-up ‘DDTTNBX’ is finally pressed, printed and available for purchase here. As the other contributors should indicate, the descriptive term ‘mash-up’ has probably never been so appropriate: mashing, grinding, pulping, pummeling, excoriation and lambastery of all varieties are in spectacular abundance on this record — although not to the complete exclusion of intermittent moments of poignant reflection. For this collection, the original ‘DDTTNB’ track from BSBC has been drastically expanded (hence the ‘X’ added to the title: getit? hunh? getit?) with a lively irr/TNB collaboration, a creaky new irr. track, and a gigantic collision between irr/BSBC/TNB. A full hour of sonic abuse all told. All tracks have been mastered by your humble servant, and graphic wrappings have been concocted by someone uncannily similar. This release has promptly & graciously been rendered into material form by Phage Tapes.

Combo-package buttons for this album with either the irr./BSBC ‘Discordant Convergence’ CD (also released by Phage) or the two most recent irr. albums ‘I Made This…’ and ‘Matériaux Déplacés’ have been added at the bottom of the page for your shopping convenience.

The next two new irr. albums are still in progress, but it will probably be a while yet before they reach completion: I shifted them to the back burner when presented with the opportunity at long last to finish off ‘DDTTNBX’, and then decided to wrap up a few other overlong-lingering collaborations, like the second irr./Umpio album and and an art collaboration with Steven Stapleton. More news about these and other things will follow eventually, but I can tell you that one of the new irr. albums will be called ‘Voice Of The Tiktaalik (Or, In The Sunshine Of Your Lungs)’. The other one may or may not be called ‘Unfeasible Couplings’. And a 10″ release on Drone Records is now underway as well. Start saving your nickels.

The Paradoxosomatid throng & myself wish you all an enjoyable November.


Camplicated Manoeuvres

A new item has been added to the shop: ‘Let’s Play!‘ the first release by Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage, the precocious offspring of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer members Wm & Leslie Rage. Last year Wm sent a collection of recordings of 20-month old Cameron having a jolly good bash at a drum kit to a variety of his music-making friends, and the results have now been assembled and presented in sparkling high-fidelity on compact disc. A track with irr. app. (ext.) is in the mix, as well as a track with the irr. alter-project 7CV. cmn-rLET'SPLAYcvr

The other contributors are: The Bent Taxis (Alvarius B of Sun City Girls); Jeffery Taylor & Sean Curley (Climax Golden Twins / New Weather), Magnetic Lucifer (Geoff Walker of Gravitar and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer); G. Stuart Dahlquist (of Asva and Burning Witch); Kawaguchi Masami (of New Rock Syndicate and LSD March); Numinous Eye / Mason Jones (of Subarachnoid Space and solo fame); rmillis (of Climax Golden Twins); The Pink Chunk Jazz Band (John Olson of multitudinous projects); At Jennie Richie & Eriijk Rêssler (both founding participants in the Nine Day Antler Society); and the irrepressible Andrew Liles. More details available here.


Don’t tell the pope! New irr-BSBC collaboration added to the shop.

At long last, the other half of the irr-BSBC collaborative work undertaken in 2009 (which also spawned the ‘Skeletal Copula Remains‘ LP) is being shown the light of day courtesy of Phage Tapes. Released in the scintillating and easy-to-swallow compact disc format, ‘Discordant Convergence‘ ventures even further into the depths of electro-acoustic horror and sonic monkeyshinery. And just in time for grandma’s birthday. Get one here.


More tidings of joy will follow soon, so keep at least one hand free.