At Jennie Richie – In A Dream With Poe (CDR)

At Jennie Richie ‘In A Dream With Poe’ CDR (2010)

One a the few albums currently available to the public by this enigmatic project, and the only non-irr. project released under the banner of errata in excelsis. This is their 5th CD, but over the past decade a dozen limited-run cassettes, nearly a dozen more split cassettes and a scattering of vinyl have already drifted through the material plane under AJR’s cloak of secrecy — some fruits of which have been collected into this particular basket. Sinster Whimsy of a unique stamp. Printed CDR packaged with a four-panel printed paper fold in a simple plastic sleeve: modest clothes for the redeemer of the music industry. Duration: 55:25.

1. A Song For Herb Diamanté
2. Bleak Village Jazz Attack (for Walrus Machine)
3. Bleak Village At Night (for Algiers!)
4. Guerilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineers At The End Of The World
5. Warned
6. In A Dream With Poe (Warned)
7. Time; Or Fractal Waves Of Increasing Novelty
8. Chinese Fish In The Movies
9. The ‘Pataphysic Congress
10. From The Bookhouse To The Roadhouse
11. Ground-Bass (for M Waldrone)
12. Like Humans Don’t (radio edit)
13. Introduction no. 9
14. A Deviants Ritual Version
15. They’re Shiny (featuring Herb Diamanté)
16. Fuck Off RRRecords, Bye Bye I Heart Noise Board

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