Thomas Carnacki – Oar Of Panmuphle CD {2012}

Thomas Carnacki
Oar Of Panmuphle
CD {2012}


The fourth release from everyone’s favourite ghost-finder, and the second proper full-length. Beyond the regular list of TC collaborators, this album also includes contributions from former Sleepytimers Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi, yarn-spinner Dean Santomieri and even a dirty little insinuation by M. S. Waldron. Packaged in a slick, matte-finish digipak.

1. Christmas Cask Of Albertinian Spiderlegs (For Dean)
2. Death Dance Of The Ant Queen (For Dawn)
3. Bedtime Story For The Most Fragrant Room In The Ward (For Dax)
4. Orniary (For Nidge)
5. The Last Trip To Clown Town (For Matt)
6. Wappinger Rises! (For Alicia)
7. When A King Dies, His Throat Is Like A Lake Upon The Pit (For William & Sherri)
8. Encoded For The One-Half And Not The Many (For Kristin)

Duration: 57:56

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