Thomas Carnacki – Illiminal CD {2021}

Thomas Carnacki
CD {2021}


A distillation of two landmark Carnacki appearances in Oakland, California: one at the Illuminated Corridor in 2008 (augmented with a mob of guests: Agnez Szelag, the much-missed Jim Kaiser, Jesse Burson, Marielle Jakobsons, Sheila Bosco and myself), and one at Liminal Space in 2012 with the more typical supporting line-up of Mr. Hagan, Mr. Kaiser, Mr. Burson.

1. Borman Seven
2. Silence Lay Steadily Against The Wood And Stone

Duration: 65:15

item price: $12.00

Illiminal CD + Alone In The Void Room CDR

[whistle08] + [whistle09]

40 copies of Illiminal also include a bonus CDR ‘Alone In The Void Room’, which features a recording made in preparation of the Liminal event. Pair can be counted as 1 CD for postage.

1. Alone In The Void Room

Duration: 18:10

item price: $15.00


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