TNXZ! – Mutant Muzik CD {2021}

Mutant Muzik
CD {2021}


Absurdist, free-form improvisational dementia curated by Wm Rage and featuring unhinged contributions from a variety of experimental music entities (including myself). Mastered by M. S. Waldron (also myself).

1. Bob Be
2. Elbisreverri
3. Nothing Is
4. Dental Floss Cyber
5. Criss-Cross Eyes Of The Static Age
6. To Sit For A While Makes No Joke Happy, You Know, And I Know, But How Many Know The Hard Way Home, Home To The Town And To You My Friend Again, I Have To Start Living Again And Forget What Has Been, I Have To See That Everyone Is The Same As Before, I Have To See That I Am The Only Who Changed, But To What? I Do Not Know Yet, But When I Know, I’m Home Again.

Duration: 18:37

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