postage details

Standard delivery for packages within the U.S. is Media Mail, which automatically includes a tracking number. Media Mail can only be used for recorded media, not artwork or shirts or anything else, and in that event I’ll use First Class Mail (which also automatically includes a tracking number). I’ll usually also include a button for Priority Mail, which moves faster but is also a lot more expensive. If you’d like to use any shipping method that isn’t represented by the shop buttons, get in touch and let me know before ordering.

When new items come out simultaneously, I’ll include a combined package button for all of them at the bottom of each item’s listing. As long as all the items are still in stock, I’ll leave the combo buttons in place. If you’re ordering multiple items that don’t have a combo button, feel free to get in touch and request a total with combined postage.

Given the horrendous rise in overseas postal rates, if you’re ordering multiple items from outside of the U.S. you should always to request a recalculation for combined postage before sending payment. The WordPress service used to create this shop does not allow me to set up an automatic postage calculator, so I always have to include postage costs in each individual item total, and in the case of overseas orders this will result in a considerable overpayment of postage if you order more than one item (unless you’re using a pre-figured combo button). If you send me an email asking for a combined total, I’ll recalculate postage using the total package weight and send you a Paypal invoice.

Trackable delivery options for destinations outside the U.S. are extremely (extremely!) expensive, but if you want to use one you should get in touch before placing your order.

Ongoing apologies to all non-U.S. customers: international rates have become completely absurd! The rate for sending even a single CD to the UK or Europe is now as much as the price of the CD itself. It’s a disgraceful situation, but unfortunately I don’t know of any way to get around it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about shipping or shop content through this address: irrappext(at)