postage details

Standard delivery for most packages is First Class Shipping (with delivery confirmation added for any destinations inside the U.S.). For items weighing over 13 ounces (generally vinyl LPs) the options of both Media Mail with delivery confirmation and Priority Shipping with delivery confirmation are provided for U.S. orders since Priority Shipping is so expensive.

Given the horrendous rise in postal rates, if you’re ordering multiple items you’re encouraged to request a recalculation for combined postage — but be sure to do this before you send payment! The WordPress service used to create this shop does not allow me to set up an automatic postage calculator, so I’ve had to pre-figure postage costs into each individual item total — which works fine for 1 or 2 items, but will result in excessive postage costs for larger orders. If you send me an e-mail asking for a combined total, I’ll recalculate postage using the actual total package weight and send you a paypal invoice.

The addition of delivery confirmation is not optional.

The totals listed include 20-30 cents added to cover the cost of shipping materials.

Trackable delivery options for destinations outside the U.S. are extremely (extremely!) expensive, but if you want to use one you should get in touch before placing your order.

Apologies to all non-U.S. customers: international rates have become completely absurd! The rate for sending even a single CD to Europe is now as much as the price of the CD itself. It’s a disgraceful situation, but unfortunately I don’t know of any way to fix it.

As some of you may be aware, the reason behind the meteoric rise in postage rates is the result of the US Postal Service deliberately being pushed towards bankruptcy so yet another essential social service can be privatised and made into a source of business profit. Links to a few interesting articles on the subject are listed below. I cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of any of these articles, but the details they have in common certainly seem to fit what has been happening. I encourage you to research the issue more thoroughly.

LA Times – Be Wary of Talk About Privatizing the Post Office

People’s World – Pitney Bowes Pays Lawmakers to Push Privatizing Post Office

Truthout – Postal Workers: The Last Union

The Brad Blog – U.S. Postal Service Victimized by GOP Privatization Scheme

Feel free to contact me with any questions about shipping or shop content through this address: irrappext (at)