Permutable Equivalences

Fellow organisms,

It’s taken an unexpectedly long amount of time, but I finally have some new physical releases in stock! I don’t know what’s going on with the postal system, but it’s taking ages for packages to cross the ocean these days. Whatever poor dolphin was being forced to balance those boxes on its head all the way across the Atlantic must be exhausted now.

First is the second collaborative project (four years in the making!) between irr. and world-famous Finnish audio derangificator Umpio, entitled ‘Permutable Schema‘. As the title suggests, this is a double CD housed in an elegant tri-fold glossy cardstock wallet. It’s been released through the Vibora label, which I know nearly nothing about — apparently this is their second release, the first being a CD by Lithuanian performance artist Daina Dieva. They’ve done a very nice job with it, in any event. Varied sources from both audio projects were used throughout, but the irr.-itant decided the final nuances of disc one while the Umplifier determined the shape of disc two.

I only have 25 copies of this to sell, so if you’d like a copy, some alacrity might be in order. You can get it from me here. If you’re in Europe, I’m still happy to sell you one, but you can save some postage by getting it from the Umpio website here.


The second item is the indecently titillating (if I do say so myself) clear vinyl 10″ ‘Are All Things Equivalent?’, released by the remarkably enduring Drone Records label. Drone has done a great job putting the package together — two handsome releases at once that I didn’t have to manufacture myself! The world has gone mad!

I’ve got about 40 copies to sell, so, again, best not to wait too long if you want one. Get it from me here. If you’re in Europe and would like to avoid the horrendous postage, you can get your copy from the Drone website here, or if you’re in the UK you can grab one from the nefarious ICR cartel here.

Shop listings for both ‘Schema’ and ‘Equivalent’ have bundle buttons at the bottom (try saying that five times fast) that have pre-calculated combined postage for both items in postal combination.

If you’ve had your fill of physical media, ‘Equivalent’ has also been added to the irr. Bancamp site here.


While preparing for the tragic necessity of having to move later in the year, I came across a small stash of Nurse With Wound shirts: a handful of the shirts made for the Queen Elizabeth Hall show way back in 2007 (featuring the ‘Shipwreck Radio Final Broadcast’ image) and two of the ‘flower girl’ shirts (using the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Station’ cover image, drawn by a young Lily Stapleton). I’m offering them for sale at $15 + postage each. These are black, standard, short-sleeve shirts, and are all new, never-been-worn items. The images above are actual photographs of the actual shirt designs, photographed by an actual photographer who was eating pho while wearing a toga made out of graph paper. They are available in the following sizes and quantites:

Final Shipwreck shirt: 4 x Large, 2 x Extra Large

Flower Girl: 1 x Large, 1 x Extra Large

I’m not making a shop listing for them since the quantities are tiny, so if you’d like one of these get in touch at and I can verify that your selection is still available. I’m happy to calculate combined postage for the shirts with any of the other items. If you’re one of the people who has already ordered the 10″ and/or 2CD from the Bandcamp listing, I can figure combined postage for you minus what you’ve already paid.

For a very limited time, I’m also offering the 5 NWW discs in the shop (‘Insect & Individual Silenced’, ‘Fleas Of A Thousand Camels’, ‘Ød Lot’, ‘Automating 3’ and the ‘Possible Nursemix’ CDR) in a discount bundle for $25 + postage ($3 for Media Mail in the U.S. or, tragically, $24 for First Class International anywhere else). Again, I’m happy to calculate combined postage with any of the other items: emailgamate me if you’re interested.

Hey! I didn’t have to come up with any desperate fund-raiser ideas to pay my taxes this year! Making barely any money does sometimes have its positive effects: your tax bill gets smaller.

Next up: I’m nearly finished preparing a group of irr. live recordings for listing on Bandcamp, including the recent Imbolc Sleep Concert performance in Portland, and the only overseas irr. event to date at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig back in 2010 (which includes a rousing interpretation of the Nurse With Wound/Diana Rogerson track ‘Wisecrack’). More news on this soon.

until next time,



Jennies, ‘Chenies, Senses and Incidences now added to the shop

irrJENNIESirrCTIoU&PREeeAs per occasional request, CDR versions of the 4 most recent download albums have now been added to the shop. Each is limited to the usual 200 copies, and are packaged in the cottage-made style of the previous CDR releases (with perhaps an extra dash or two of cottage-sauce in a few of them). These are: ‘The Jennies Made Me Do It {1}‘, ‘CTIoU&PREITMoGDoVC‘, ‘Perekluchenie‘ [expanded edition], and ‘Resurrection Of The Senses‘ [expanded edition]. Full details can be found on the individual item pages. Buttons for several combined postage options are available on each page — including a discounted option for the full set of 4.

Apologies for taking so long to get these listed: I had some tricky cottage-printer-related problems to sort out which caused considerable delay, as well as some other cottage-oriented issues that were persistant and irritatingly cottagey.


best wishes to all


New Carnacki/Vulcanus 68 split LP

carnacki_vulcanus68SPLITLPcvrcarnacki_vulcanus68SPLITLPdiscJust listed in the shop is a brand new split release between eie favourite Thomas Carnacki and the duo project Vulcanus 68. This enticing example of sonic sorcery comes bundled in a snappy art sleeve featuring imagery by my own self, and is infused into a dazzlingly colourful slab of voluptuous vinyl. Each album includes a code for mp3 download. Get your copy here.

Several new irr. app. (ext.) releases are forthcoming very shortly: ‘Neognathæ Portentosus’, a new 3″ CDR release on the Petit Mal Music label; ‘Observation Affects The Outcome’, a collaborative CD with Finnish underground mainstay Pentti Dassum (released by the Ukraine-based Monochrome label), and an irr./Six Heads collaborative cassette, continuing the series of releases on Readymades Tapes (Quality Since 1893). The 3″ and the Dassum collaboration are both finished and in transit, and so should arrive in the shop within a week or two. The cassette should be ready sometime within the first two weeks of February. Therefore, I am giving the option to those interested in the split LP — particularly overseas customers who have to deal with ridiculous postage rates — to put a hold on a copy of the Carnacki LP so that it can be bundled with some or all of the other impending releases. Simply contact me and give me the details of which items interest you, and I will be in contact with a combined postage total as soon as everything is available. Of course, anyone can buy the item immediately as well. I have a very limited stock of the LP on hand, but I should be able to get a few more when they sell out.

On the subject of bundling, I have added some new buying options to the 3 recently-released irr. CDRs: on each of the three pages there are now added buttons at the bottom that have prices with combined postage for all three releases (since the majority of people have been buying all three). One is for domestic shipping using Media Mail + tracking, and the other is for all non-U.S. destinations using First Class International shipping. I wish this had occurred to me earlier! In the future, whenever groups of items are being released together, I will (at least initially) include these combination buttons to alleviate some of the postal distress (again, particularly for overseas buyers) since this site does not accommodate a shipping calculator.