Jennies, ‘Chenies, Senses and Incidences now added to the shop

irrJENNIESirrCTIoU&PREeeAs per occasional request, CDR versions of the 4 most recent download albums have now been added to the shop. Each is limited to the usual 200 copies, and are packaged in the cottage-made style of the previous CDR releases (with perhaps an extra dash or two of cottage-sauce in a few of them). These are: ‘The Jennies Made Me Do It {1}‘, ‘CTIoU&PREITMoGDoVC‘, ‘Perekluchenie‘ [expanded edition], and ‘Resurrection Of The Senses‘ [expanded edition]. Full details can be found on the individual item pages. Buttons for several combined postage options are available on each page — including a discounted option for the full set of 4.

Apologies for taking so long to get these listed: I had some tricky cottage-printer-related problems to sort out which caused considerable delay, as well as some other cottage-oriented issues that were persistant and irritatingly cottagey.


best wishes to all


Original Artwork Now Added To The Shop

Selenodesic_scanCondensation_scanDownstream Trans_scan






It’s taken me a couple years to get around to it, but I’ve finally listed some pieces of original artwork in the shop. These can be found in the unimaginatively-named ‘Original Artwork’ section here. I’ve tried to keep prices in a reasonable range for this kind of thing, but, on the other hand, I’ve also been keen to make sure that I charge enough to compensate myself for the work involved; unfortunately, the sickly, grasping fingers of the U.S. Postal Service creep in and kind of spoil things a bit (particularly in regards to international orders). Any questions about any the pieces, the postage, or any other aspect of the transaction are always welcome. Not all of the available pieces have been listed yet, so if there is a particular one you saw in the past and are curious about obtaining, get in touch and I’ll let you know.

PSA_scanUnconscious In Compost_scanSuuper-Natural_scan









On a different track, frequent irr. collaborator At Jennie Richie has added a wealth of new titles to it’s download shop: some of them brand new creations, and some of them past physical releases that have been out-of-print for a while. Take a look and support the Jennies in their struggle for world conquest. Similarly, some older irr. titles are being prepared for inclusion in the irr. download shop and will be posted soon.

Hope you all had an enjoyable summer.