Up and running… more or less

The shop is finally functional — I hope. It seems ok from this end. Right now I’ve got all the NWW and irr. items in the ‘compact disc’ category in place, and shopping cart buttons should be functional. I’ll get the remaining CDs and the items for the other categories in place as quickly as I can.

I’ve decided to use a ‘lump sum’ approach to prices: all postage costs will be included in the item total. I’ve had mediocre results from postage calculators, and I couldn’t find a way to make one function properly on the site anyhow. Please be sure to use the right button for your postage category! If your order isn’t being shipped to an address within the U.S., use the button underneath the ‘all other regions’ price (which will be labelled ‘add to cart – non-U.S.’). It will avoid a lot of trouble and delay if you take care to use the appropriate button for your region.

Thanks are due to Kevin Spencer for his advice & assistance in making this site happen.

Any constructive feedback is welcome!

More soon.


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