Some shop changes & new items


I’ve made some changes to the pricing configuration in the shop and added some extra buttons for different shipping options. The individual item price before postage is now indicated in each listing for greater clarity, while the buttons still include the total cost with shipping (the site parameters don’t allow me to have postage figured separately in the cart). For items less than 13 ounces, the buttons for U.S. shipping are now also valid for Canada, as I discovered that First Class shipping rates to Canada are very close to First Class + delivery confirmation in the States. For heavier items (LPs), a separate button for Canada has been added. For items weighing over 13 ounces I’ve also added a Media Mail button for the U.S. since Priority rates are so expensive now (much to my surprise, they are even more expensive than First Class rates to Canada for the same weight! That seems a bit odd). Media Mail is slower but MUCH less expensive, and delivery confirmation is always added so the package can be traced.

All prices have been adjusted to reflect recent changes in postal fees — particularly international rates, which were raised a few weeks ago. My sincere apologies to overseas buyers for the ridiculously steep shipping rates they have to deal with, which continue to grow more ridiculous every year.

New Items:

During the past couple months I’ve received stock on a number of records, and while adding them to the shop I took the opportunity to add some other things that have been hanging around in small quantities for a long time, but I could never be bothered to list before.

‘Kreiselwelle’ (the third part of the ‘Orgonosis’ series) has been added to the CD section, so now all 4 installments in that series are available in the shop. A NWW-related compilation, ‘Destroying The Night Sky’ has also been added to the CDs: this is a collection of drastic remixes of Cadaverous Condition tracks by guests such as Nurse With Wound, Colin Potter and Andrew Liles, as well as many other recognisable names in the experimental field.

In the vinyl department, I’ve added the irr/BSBC collaborative LP ‘Skeletal Copula Remains’, the At Jennie Richie 1-sided LP ‘Rectums Merging’ (which has an insert with text & illustration by me) and the BSBC ‘Untitled’ white vinyl LP from 2008 (on one side of which some irr. sources were utilised). I’ve also found a few lingering vinyl copies of the Nurse With Wound/irr. app. (ext.) collaboration ‘Angry Eelectric Finger 3: Mute Bell Extinction Process’.

One tiny treasure has been added to the cassettes: a couple scarce copies of a long out-of-print collaboration between At Jennie Richie and Red Squirrels (‘RSAJR’) that were discovered at the bottom of a drawer. On this release, AJR integrated some irr. source material in its contribution to the outcome. Both projects have created a series of fascinating but hard-to-find releases on their own, and it’s worthwhile to hear how their minds intersected.

More information on all of these items can be found in the individual listings.


Sound & packaging for a 3-inch CDR release on the Petit Mal label (titled ‘Neognath In Machina’) has been submitted and should be available in late March or early April. A track for a compilation curated by the Chestnut Tree programme in Houston has also recently been delivered. Work on a collaborative gang-up between irr., BSBC and The New Blockaders is underway. An irr./At Jennie Richie collaboration will be released on vinyl as soon as I get the artwork figured out, and a split irr./AJR cassette should be materialising before too long as well. Work cleaning up the archives continues, and, on a related note, I’m preparing an exhaustively thorough irr. app. (ext.) discography for this site — as much for my own easy reference as for any other reason, although it will also be nice to clarify a lot of the garbled information floating around on the internet. Details will be posted as soon as I have them.


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