Grale CD now available in the shop

I’ve had it on hand for a couple months now, but I finally have an active listing for a new release on Thomas Carnacki’s Alethiometer Records. ‘Eternity‘ is the debut album from the Bay Area experimental ensemble Grale, comprised of veteran performers Bruce Anderson, Gregory Hagan, Dale Sophiea and Nicolas Sophiea. Find it here:

Grale - Eternity

Again: apologies to non-U.S. customers for the absurdly steep jump in international postage rates!

I’ll also add a reminder here that the Nine Day Antler Society is still active and churning out the hits. On or around the 15th and 30th of every month, irr. app. (ext.), At Jennie Richie and Eriijk Rêssler post new offerings to the NDAS page, which remain available for one month. Don’t miss out or you’ll… uh… miss out.

title image

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