Happy-ish 2017!


I’m a bit late posting the new eie HNY card here… I put it up on the irr. Facebook page, and then it completely slipped my mind. In any event, I wish you all a stunning New Year — which will hopefully unfold in a manner completely different to all of the doom and gloom that various social and corporate media outlets have been predicting. I’m reasonably optimistic myself about what I’ll be able to accomplish in 2017; but being a small, unnoticed, subterranean crawling thing, the shifting winds of economic and political fortune generally don’t have much impact on me (not right away, anyways: not until the effects start to seep into the drinking water). The political arena has always been a sewer, and I think the more we can liberate ourselves from its influence, the happier we’ll all be. However trite it may sound, what you put out into the world will be what you end up having to wallow in, so try to stay positive. I’m saying this to myself as much as to anyone else out there…


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