Radiant Black Friday

Hello all:


I imagine you’re probably getting a little tired of the deluge of new releases every month on these Bandcamp First Friday events… but this is the last one on the schedule, so — except for the monthly single — I’ll be easing back on new releases for a while. The support many of you have shown on these no-fee days has been a huge help, and it is greatly appreciated.


For this final event, I’ve prepared three new releases:


Firstly the ‘Vesicular Distributor’ monthly single for June.


Next, the third installment in my ongoing salvage & reissue series, the never-quite properly released sixth irr. album from 2001 ‘Radiant Black Future‘. New graphics, the original graphics, the original album text and extensive new liner notes are all included.

(new 2020 cover image)

(original 2001 cover image)

Finally, a surprise reissue of an unreleased 1999 project called ‘‘Patapheromone‘, which I had more-or-less forgotten about. I came across the raw materials for it while hunting down some missing sources for ‘Radiant’. Parts of this album ended up scattered amongst a few other albums from the period, but they exist in a substantially different context here, and much of the material was never used. Full details are in the album notes.

I still have a couple more unreleased albums to get to — ‘Not Hidden, But Concealed’ from 2000 and ‘Vulgar Probabilities’ from 2011 — but I won’t be forcing them on the public on a monthly schedule anymore. When those are finished, I’ll move on to restoring ‘An Uncertain Animal’, ‘Dust Pincher Appliances’ and ‘Ozeanische Gefühle’; that will take care of all the pre-2001 obsolete technology releases.

more soon,


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