Many Thanks!

Hi all,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who supported the new Bandcamp listings this past Friday (and afterwards)! Although I wasn’t quite able to make up for the full month of income I missed in August due to computer-less-ness, there were definitely enough sales to keep me solvent and get the bills paid, and that means a lot — especially since those bills included the cost of a new computer. I typically would not have the financial resources to cover a big expense like that! But, thanks to the help of all you sexy people out there, I’m still in the pink… or the black… or whichever colour means you’re not completely broke. Maybe it’s ‘in the green’.

I also wanted to send out an apology: upon reviewing the mix of ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ that was released on Friday, I feel that I fell short of a reasonable standard of quality. I had reviewed the mixdown several times before posting and thought everything sounded good, but apparently I didn’t give myself enough distance from it. When working on something and listening to it repeatedly day after day, it’s always useful for me to set it aside for a few days so I can get some objectivity back; I was in way too much of a hurry to get everything ready by Friday, so some sloppy work slipped through. I’ve already begun revising the track, and will send out an announcement (here and through Bandcamp) after I post the repaired version. Anyone who bought it should be able to go to Bandcamp and download the new version with no problem. More on this soon.

all the best to all the best,