February In Frogtown, New Site Design

Hello all,

Entirely by coincidence, the February installment of ‘Legends Of Frogtown’ has been posted just in time for this month’s fee-less Friday on Bandcamp. O, happy happenstance!

Also, you may have noticed a change to the appearance of this site. I’d been limping along on the old version for years, always intending to fancy it up a bit but never getting around to it… I’ve recently paid for an upgrade (well, there was a substantial discount code…) and have started to overhaul things to get them closer to what I’d originally wanted. A couple of these improvements have already been done: a ‘featured playlist’ media player has been added the the main page, and a page has been created for a ‘featured gallery’ of selected artwork. Both of these will be changed periodically. I’ve also embedded one of the videos from my YouTube channel, and more of that will be added soon.

The next big modification I need to tackle is the shop listings. I’ve had to de-activate all of the international purchase buttons because my shipping rates were so severely out of date. Some tedious hours are going to have to be dedicated to getting all the postage totals current again. Also, most of the home-made jewel case CDR listings are going to go away soon, so if you’ve been wanting one of those, best to get them soon. I’ve looking to replace the drab jewel case packaging format with something else, but have not yet decided what that will be; perhaps fully handmade editions like I did for ‘4 Orphans’, but hopefully something simpler & quicker to assemble. In any case, I’ll have to keep the editions fairly small — which is entirely appropriate for my small audience, anyhow. Most releases stop selling entirely after about a year… I’ll have to think carefully about what to keep in print. The interest in physical vs. digital is still wobbling back and forth and I’m not really sure where it’s going to land. I prefer CDs myself, but they seem to be on a non-stop rail replacement bus service headed to Obsoleteville. If I had a good label to work with I could consider vinyl editions, but on my own it’s not really plausible… and I don’t think it would a worthwhile investment for any label out there in the current economic climate.

If anyone is experiencing any problems with the new site format, or has any useful comments in regards to that (please note the word ‘useful’), feel free to contact me at irrappext@gmail.com.

More thrills are lined up for next month, along with the regular Frogtown report.

Hope you are all keeping safe and sane!

all the best to all of you,


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