Here And/Or There

Hello all,

Yes, it’s Bandcamp Friday again, and that means the new monthly single has been posted! Some exciting new shenanigans are featured this month, which will fill your heart and empty your bowels.

Also newly posted, the first installment of the location recording series ‘Neither Here Nor There‘. From the album notes:

This first volume of ‘Neither Here Nor There’ is culled from recordings made between 2020 and 2022. All of them were made somewhere in Oregon. Future volumes will feature other times and other places.

These tracks have been edited & equalised, and some minor repair has been done when necessary, but in the main they represent the sounds as they occurred at the particular time & place.

Several of the sounds here have been used in other releases, usually modified in some way or blended with other sounds; others will be made use of in the future. I decided to assemble these raw NHNT collections because I felt that an unmodified presentation of particular environmental recordings in my archives might be interesting to a particular audience. Hello to those people.

More things of a varied nature are in the works, and these will be made public at various times.

Thanks for your support!



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