An exciting new opportunity to send me money

An irr. app. (ext.) audio download site has recently been created through Bandcamp; you can find it by clicking the ‘Downloads’ link in the sidebar menu or on the ‘irr. on Bandcamp’ link below that. The initial batch added to the site contains: the completed half of a never-released irr./Nurse With Wound collaboration from 2001, a new version of a collaboration with Diana Rogerson from 2008, the full recording of the 5th irr. live performance from 2005, a demo of a song created in 2008 for (but never used in) the NWW live set, the original pre-NWW live performance of ‘Black Teeth’ at the Oakland Metro in 2006, a brand new 35-minute long ‘epilogue’ of sorts to the ‘Orgonosis’ series (Ozeanische Gefühle/Cosmic Superimposition /Kreiselwelle), and, finally, 3 tracks out of the early 90s  irr. fossil archives that have been dug up, scrubbed, rinsed and polished for public display. All of this material is previously unreleased (apart from 2 short segments from the live show) and available only in this format. Accompanying graphics and unnecessarily exhaustive descriptions are included in the listing for each item.

A batch of new physical releases is in the process of being completed, but I’ll wait to say more about that until there’s something more substantial to say.

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