Carnacki CDs now listed in the shop

Three CDs from Thomas Carnacki (the entire catalogue of releases to date) have now been added to the shop, as has the various artist’s collection ‘Irreplaceable Hand’: this album features not only an otherwise unavailable track from Carnacki, but exclusive tracks from Nurse With Wound, irr. app (ext.) and many others.

Several new irr. app. (ext.) releases are in preparation, and with luck a couple of them will be ready and available in March. The others will follow in short order. In the meantime, new irr. tracks have been submitted to the second ’23 Seconds Ov Time’ collection ( and to this year’s ‘Activating The Medium’ festival ( ’23 Seconds…’ is already available as a free download from the website; the specifics of how and when the ATM track will be presented have yet to be made available. More news soon.

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