A Minor Delay…

Hi all — Just a quick note to say I’m running a bit late on the next installment of Frogtown: I got bogged down with some other deadlines, and then I was put out of commission for a few days by my second Covid shot. I’ve already been nudging the release date forward a bit to make it land on the fee-less Fridays, and while there’s no fee-lessness on Friday this month, it looks like it’ll probably end up there again anyhow. Hopefully, it won’t be any later than that! But I don’t want to do a half-assed job on it just to get it out quicker.

Above is a new Frogtown portrait taken yesterday. It’s probably the tiniest one I’ve attempted to photograph so far, and the light was fading, so it was tricky to get a decent shot…

Thanks for all your support!


‘Daylight’ Drops Tomorrow

Hello all:

On June 19th, Bandcamp will be donating all of it’s sales share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. To coincide with this, I’ll be releasing a newly-recorded irr. album ‘Foraging For Daylight’ and will donate all of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter. I’ll periodically post the date & amount of the donations on the album page. The listing should be active around 1 or 2 am tonight, and I’ll post a link when it’s up.

best wishes,



A Quickie

Hi All! More news will follow soon, but I’ve posted a couple items today for Bandcamp’s revenue share moratorium.


Firstly, the April installment of ‘Vesicular Distributor’:

Secondly, a pre-order for a digital download of ‘Inception & Silence Undivided‘: my 1998 full-length remake of Nurse With Wound’s ‘Insect & Individual Silenced’, which has been beached on a desert island for 21 years. The full audio will be released before May 7th.

My computer bought the farm last week, so I’m still scrambling to get the replacement one I’m using up to speed. Re-installing everything is a monumental pain the caboose, but at least I’m mostly functional again…



Blanks & Feathers

irr - The Other Side Is Blank cvrirr + ajr - Night Wearing Feathers LP cvr

Two new vinyl releases have been added to the shop: the irr. app. (ext.) 1-sided LP + 1-sided 7″ set ‘The Other Side Is Blank‘ (a dream-inspired tribute to the music of David Jackman & Organum) and the irr. app. (ext.) & At Jennie Richie collaborative LP ‘Night Wearing Feathers‘. Both are available in limited quantities — particularly ‘Blank’, the entire edition of which is limited to 100 and has already mostly sold out through the label’s website. Click on the thumbnails above to get more details.

Plenty more is underway, and details will be posted as soon as they are available.

New limited Thomas Carnacki 3″ and MSW graphic portfolio now listed in the shop.

The new Thomas Carnacki 3″ CDR ‘The Shaker Precedes The Pig’ is now listed in the shop; I only received 3 copies of the 40-copy limited run and am not likely to be able to get any more after these are gone. The disc was created to be a special item made available to attendees at the recent TC appearance at Amoeba Records in Berkeley and very few were left afterwards. Get one here.

Also newly available in the shop is ‘Portfolio 1: Charcoal Drawings 1999-2011’, a print collection of 12 of my better charcoal drawings. The full details can be found here.

Several new irr. releases are very close to completion after a long, slow crawl to the finish line: all materials for the irr. + AJR LP & cassette box set have been submitted and put into production, the dream-inspired Organum tribute ‘The Other Side Is Blank’ is a hair’s breadth away from readiness, and the third irr + BSBC album should be ready at any moment. A cassette for Merz Tapes is underway and restoration work on the never-actually-released 2nd irr. album ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ continues.


Harpy Nude Ear


Enormous thanks to everyone who gave their encouragement and support this past year (and every previous year). I wish you all a productive and fulfilling 2012! May the invisible light of contentment always shine backwards in your armpit.


Dust Out Of Printchers

After 10 years of glory, terror and frequent naps, the Dust Pincher Appliances CD is now officially out of print. Thanks to Crouton’s Jon Mueller for taking his chances with an odd record made by an obscure project back at the dawn of time: the first irr. release to receive anything that could genuinely be considered as ‘distribution’. Of course, plenty of copies are probably still kicking around in various shops (probably for around 10 years), but the primary well has run dry. Someday it will be remastered and reissued, but there’s hardly any need to consider that at the present.

The tracks for one of two forthcoming irr. cassette EPs have been completed (‘The 11-Year Sleepwalk‘) and the second one is well underway. The plan is to release them simultaneously. There is little chance of having them ready in time for the live show in Seattle in early June (as was my original intention), but I’m hoping to at least have all of the materials ready for production before that time.


Bound for London Town

I’ll be in the UK for NWW-related activities for a while, so the shop will be closed between May 9th and May 23rd as it won’t be possible for me to process any orders during that time. I’m still trying to figure out how to modify this site so that the inventory is temporarily inaccessible; hopefully, this notice and the ‘closed’ page will be enough to do the trick.

Nurse With Wound is playing at Koko in the Camden area of London on May 15th. Come and see us if you’re in the neighbourhood.

I’m hoping to have some new items in stock shortly after my return.