New limited Thomas Carnacki 3″ and MSW graphic portfolio now listed in the shop.

The new Thomas Carnacki 3″ CDR ‘The Shaker Precedes The Pig’ is now listed in the shop; I only received 3 copies of the 40-copy limited run and am not likely to be able to get any more after these are gone. The disc was created to be a special item made available to attendees at the recent TC appearance at Amoeba Records in Berkeley and very few were left afterwards. Get one here.

Also newly available in the shop is ‘Portfolio 1: Charcoal Drawings 1999-2011’, a print collection of 12 of my better charcoal drawings. The full details can be found here.

Several new irr. releases are very close to completion after a long, slow crawl to the finish line: all materials for the irr. + AJR LP & cassette box set have been submitted and put into production, the dream-inspired Organum tribute ‘The Other Side Is Blank’ is a hair’s breadth away from readiness, and the third irr + BSBC album should be ready at any moment. A cassette for Merz Tapes is underway and restoration work on the never-actually-released 2nd irr. album ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ continues.


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