Nine Day Antler Society now online at Seven Gallery

Starting today, At Jennie Richie, video artist Eriijk Ressler and myself have launched Nine Day Antler Society: a collective multi-media project existing within the online forum Seven Gallery (and Discount Rug Outlet). On the 1st and 15th of every month each of us will be posting a new contribution to the forum, which will be viewable for exactly one month before it is replaced by subsequent contributions. The first round of contributions is now open to public scrutiny, including a new and exclusive irr. track ‘Versifole Spectrograffe Marzipan Antler #1’. Future postings will include more new pieces, unreleased archival tracks and unusual raw source material.

In order to complete the West Coast chain, we are looking for an additional contributor located in each of these territories: British Columbia, Alaska and Baja California (North and/or South).

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