Dust Out Of Printchers

After 10 years of glory, terror and frequent naps, the Dust Pincher Appliances CD is now officially out of print. Thanks to Crouton’s Jon Mueller for taking his chances with an odd record made by an obscure project back at the dawn of time: the first irr. release to receive anything that could genuinely be considered as ‘distribution’. Of course, plenty of copies are probably still kicking around in various shops (probably for around 10 years), but the primary well has run dry. Someday it will be remastered and reissued, but there’s hardly any need to consider that at the present.

The tracks for one of two forthcoming irr. cassette EPs have been completed (‘The 11-Year Sleepwalk‘) and the second one is well underway. The plan is to release them simultaneously. There is little chance of having them ready in time for the live show in Seattle in early June (as was my original intention), but I’m hoping to at least have all of the materials ready for production before that time.


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