Orgonosis #4 added & download site additions

This update has been a long time coming. The past couple of months have been an almost comical series of delays, disruptions and derailings, but a few projects have finally reached completion and a few more are getting close.

Firstly, a hand-assembled edition of the download album ‘Orgonosis #4’ has been added to the shop. There have been a few requests for a physical version of this release from people who have an aversion to downloads, so I’ve put together an edition complete with fully printed inserts & disc in a transparent jewelcase; take a look in the ‘Compact Disc’ category for complete information and a link to a photo of the entire design. This will only be made available in limited quantities.

There has recently been an extensive update to (and a partial revision of) the irr. download site at Bandcamp. Four new releases have been added: the complete audio to irr. live performance #7 (at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland in 2005), the digital singles ‘Celestial Laminate’ and ‘Concrete Mixes’, and the digital EP ‘Ustrojenstvozagyvat’. What were formerly disconnected tracks have now been organised into 3 distinct collections: ‘Black Teeth (live)’ and ‘Lurcher’ have been combined with a new ‘strip-down’ studio version of ‘Black Teeth’ and a recently-recorded live version of ‘Lurcher’ into the ‘Bracktul Thleecher’ EP; the Diana Rogerson collaboration ‘The Famine Road’ has also been expanded into an EP with the addition of the original 2008 version and a new ‘easy listening’ mix; and the 3 archival tracks have been combined together into ‘Second Stage Archive Selections, Vol. 1’. Some revisions to the graphics and a few minor adjustments to the texts have also been made. The audio content from the previous configuration is unchanged, so those of you who already bought these downloads still have exactly the same tracks that are available now. The tracks added in the new EP configuration are all available individually, so no one will be stuck having to buy anything twice. I’m open to comments about the changes, which are best directed through the facebook page (link in lower left menu) or my primary email address (click ‘contact’). To investigate any of this material, click the ‘irr. on Bandcamp’ link on the lower left menu.

The two long-promised cassette albums ‘The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk’ and ‘Flux/Crayfish’ should finally, finally, finally be made available in November. Some mastering problems held things up a bit, but the main delay has been a HUGE backlog on the part of the manufacturers, which I was not informed about when I placed the order. After two months of waiting, I’ve finally received an invoice, which means the shipment is on its way to my door. I hope to have more new about this very soon.

I wish you all an enjoyable autumn,


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