A Minor Delay…

Hi all — Just a quick note to say I’m running a bit late on the next installment of Frogtown: I got bogged down with some other deadlines, and then I was put out of commission for a few days by my second Covid shot. I’ve already been nudging the release date forward a bit to make it land on the fee-less Fridays, and while there’s no fee-lessness on Friday this month, it looks like it’ll probably end up there again anyhow. Hopefully, it won’t be any later than that! But I don’t want to do a half-assed job on it just to get it out quicker.

Above is a new Frogtown portrait taken yesterday. It’s probably the tiniest one I’ve attempted to photograph so far, and the light was fading, so it was tricky to get a decent shot…

Thanks for all your support!


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