I hit the ‘publish’ button on that recent post just in time to realise that I left out some important information about the newly-released CDRs.

Each of the three individual listings also includes a ‘combo’ button that bundles all three with combined postage. My shop is rather primitive so it can’t do any fancy postage calculations; the ‘combo’ button is my low-resolution way of getting around some of those limitations.

I will not be shipping out orders for the new discs until Monday (August 8th) at the earliest. So please keep that in mind.

If you’re in the UK, I’ll be sending 15 copies of each disc to Colin Potter / ICR Distribution. So it’s probably better to wait a couple (perhaps three) weeks for the discs to arrive in his hands so you can save yourself a lot of postage.

I hope I’m remembering everything this time…



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