CDR Releases Now Stocked (And Re-stocked) In The ICR Shop.

The 3 limited CDR releases, ‘A Transfigured System’, ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ and ‘Ymscemunys Cetva, Volume 3’, are now available in the UK-based ICR shop: . Most of the back catalogue CDRs have also been re-stocked. An opportunity UK residents to avoid the ridiculous overseas postal charges.

These will be the last of the earlier releases that ICR will be receiving, as they are being discontinued — hopefully, to be reissued in a different format at some point. Creating the CDR releases at home has become much more difficult, as materials have all become much more expensive and more difficult to get. Technical resources for this kind of thing is also changing, as it seems that disc-based media is being abandoned. So I’m in the process of finding a different approach.

More news soon…



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