New MDS ; Crepusculum/Nocturnal Arc

Hello all,

The monthly digital single for September has just been added. This new installment is particularly dripping with passion, intrigue, betrayal, outrage, and half-assed attempts to trick someone into giving you their bank information.

Also just added: a sideways companion to the ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ album from 2020. this new album is titled ‘Nocturnal Arc‘, and it has a separate album which serves as a ‘prelude’ titled ‘Crepusculum‘. If ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ represents a journey through the nighttime world from a human point-of-view, then ‘Nocturnal Arc’ is that journey from a different perspective: perhaps at a larger, meteorological scale, or at a smaller, miniature scale — but, in any event, at a scale that abstracts the human view into something very different. ‘Crepusculum’ represents the transition between the two perspectives: a crossing of a threshold between different states of energy.

Many of the audio sources for these two albums have been culled from the collection of nighttime recordings I’ve accumulated over the summer during my various travels around Oregon and the coast with the ever-inspiring multi-disciplinary artist Tatyana Byrd. Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to capture the sounds of a herd of elk crashing through the forest and crossing the road in front of us one night when we were returning to a campground; they make the most eerie whistling calls, and it’s a hundred times more eerie when it’s two o’clock in the morning and nothing but dim moonlight! It scared the hell out of us. And we were lucky: elk are huge and can be very dangerous if they feel threatened. But I’d love a chance to record them sometime… from a reasonable distance.

best wishes to everyone,

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