New Stuff From Old Stuff

Hi all:

Once again, I’ve been lazy updating this site. Bandcamp seems to be taking over everything, but I want to maintain my own region on the internet so I’ll try to do better and get this placed all fixed up.

The first new physical merch I’ve released in several years have just been added to the shop. Three previously digital-only albums are now available in CDR form: ‘A Transfigured System’ {2018}, ‘Ymscemunys Cetva’, Volume 3 {2019}’, ‘Nocturnal Emissaries’ {2020}. The packaging is the same as I’d previously been using with my self-created CDR releases: a single-panel insert and double-sided tray card in an all-clear jewel case. I’d intended to figure out some more interesting package, but that will have to come next; at the present time, this is the best I can manage. Hopefully, some more inventive packaging will follow soon… plans are still being devised.

Each release is limited to an edition of 50 copies. I’ve had to keep the numbers quite low (and the prices a bit higher) because home-printing has now become very arduous & expensive! Costs of materials are way up, and, although my printer has always given very decent-looking results, dealing with it’s capricious nature has become a major pain in the ass and extremely time-consuming. So this method will have to be abandoned in favour of something that better helps me to preserve my sanity.

In edition to these physical items, a new download EP has just been added to Bandcamp: Accretions Of The Phthegogamous Psithyriphore (A Romance In Paradiaphanous Ur-Space) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]. Coming soon to a theatre near you! Get the soundtrack now so you’ll be fully prepared for the immersive cinematic experience.

And the ‘Attention Dear’ monthly digital single has been marching forward into an uncertain future. Catch this month’s exciting installment, or spend your life knowing that you’ve missed out on something extremely important.

Many more new things in the works: some things with Nurse With Wound, some things with American friends, some things screen printed on shirts. More news soon.

all the best(-ish) to everyone!



2 thoughts on “New Stuff From Old Stuff

  1. Hi, Matt—

    You know I loves me some hardcopy music. I think I just successfully ordered all three!

    Hope you’re doing well in this new reality …

    With my best, Brian S.

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