Frogtown Finale & Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2022 is a less fraught and frustrating than the past few years have been. I wish you all a productive & satisfying year!

The final installment of Legends of Frogtown has been posted. The featured portrait this month is of an actual five-legged frog I discovered during the summer, and which has been patiently waiting for it’s public debut. The accompanying track has accordingly been structured in 5/4 meter.

A reminder that anyone who purchases all 13 installments will get a bonus 13th installment for free. Number 13 is already finished and has been privately posted, but I’ll hold off for a few days before I start sending out codes.

(A sneak peek at one of the images from the bonus Frogtown installment.)

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this series! It’s been an incredible help to me this year, and I sincerely appreciate it! I have another series planned for 2022, which will be of an entirely different nature. I hope you’ll consider supporting that one as well, as the income provided through these monthly singles have made all the difference over the past few years.

best wishes and substantial gratitude,


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