The Old Becomes New, And Then Immediately Becomes Old Again.

Hello people:

The October Frogtown is now online! Sorry: no special pumpkin spice version this month, just the usual crunchy frog flavour.

A couple other new things have been posted this month in addition to the new Frogtown monthly digital single:

Freshly rescued from oblivion is the irr. app. (ext.) / R K Faulhaber collaboration ‘Corriente Trifásico‘. This project was created between 2007 and 2008 with the intention that it would be released as a set of three 7″ records: a format that seemed appropriate given the paired nature of the tracks. To start with, Mr. Faulhaber and I both created new tracks around 5 minutes long; we then exchanged the tracks and reworked the other’s material into two new tracks, and then exchanged the reworkings and reworked them again into two more tracks. Manufacturing vinyl has always been a bit beyond my resources and I couldn’t get a label interested in releasing the set, so the project has been languishing in my digital dungeon ever since. 13 years later, it is finally breathing the sweet air of freedom in a wider and wilder world.

Hey! Take a gander at R K Faulhaber’s very own Bandcamp page: Tell him Boris sent you.

Also new this month is a digital version of the very limited single-sided LP + single-sided 7″ release from 2011, ‘The Other Side Is Blank‘. This record was inspired by a vivid dream and is dedicated to David Jackman. Some other out-of-print archival releases are still in the process of being prepared for digital downloadableness, but this one was basically ready to go already so it got bumped to the front of the line.

happy fall to all,


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