Autumn Arrives In Frogtown

Hi Everyone,

The new Frogtown single has been posted! This month’s installment has a special guest appearance by Joy Von Spain on all three of the tracks. Joy is a multi-talented creative powerhouse that works with the bands Eye Of Nix and To End It All, as well as doing her own varied solo and collaborative projects. Here are some of her BC links:

For the single, I primarily made use of some vocal sources from one of her new tracks, although they are frequently made to sound somewhat un-voice-like. In exchange, I’ll be contributing a remix of the track to a forthcoming release.

Also fresh on the slab is ‘Auspur‘, a mini-album of brand new material. The nature-oriented themes used for ‘Exhausted Bee’ have carried over into this one, and I suppose both could be considered as part of a series.

More soon! More later!

Happy autumn to everyone!

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