Tubers, Spleens and Unstable Machines

A whole new batch of  loot has been added to the shop, and a couple of these items have been added to the irr. download catalogue as well.

First off, there are 3 new eie-released irr. app. (ext.) albums: ‘Ustrojenstvozaginate‘, ‘Tuberpendicular‘ and ‘Deflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public‘.  All are self-made CDRs in a similar format to ‘Orgonosis 4‘ and are limited to 200 copies. I had wanted to get away from making CDR releases, but financial realities have forced me to change my mind. Those selfsame realities have also made it necessary for me to raise the price of the CDR releases a  little bit: the cost of ink cartridges for my printer are outrageously high and I’ve had to find a way to offset that cost somehow. The ridiculous fact is, because of the high cost of ink, it is actually more expensive per disc for me to make them myself than it would be to have them manufactured! But the crunch comes with the minimum amounts required for professional replication. An edition of even 300 copies is usually excessive in these days of dwindling sales, and the consequences of paying $800-$1,000 upfront when only 50 copies sell in the first 3 months are something I am keen to avoid. Sliding into debt would bring a quick end to my creative output, and the option of making batches of 10 at a time to meet actual demand makes it possible to avoid that. It seemed better to take this route than to do the ‘never-ending series of massively expensive, super-limited sort-of-art-editions in a row’ approach that seems to be popular these days. On occasions when I’m in need of a financial boost, I will be offering pricey bundles for sale that combine specific albums with original art and other extras, but as much as possible I want the basic music to be available in a format that is affordable to all the slobs out there that are as poor as I am (which is already becoming difficult enough as the postage rates continue to increase).

Enough with the grim reality ‘this-is-how-your-sausages-are-made’ blah-de-blah.


irrUSTROcvrUstrojenstvozaginate‘ is a combination of the ‘Ustrojenstvozagyvat’ and ‘Celestial Laminate’ download EPs released in 2011. There have been several requests for this to be released in a physical format, so here it is. This version has been given a bit of extra audio oomph, and two related tracks created in 2013 (‘Ustrojenstvozagyvat 3’ and ‘Inductive Laminate’) have been added. Full details here.



irrTUBERcvrTuberpendicular‘ is the first in a series of albums derived from my submissions to the Nine Day Antler Society. Five NDAS tracks with congruous qualities have been refined & expanded, and two new tracks have been created to complete the set. The tuberosomnolent mysteries are explored in detail. Full details are here.




irrDEFLATINGcvrDeflating An Imaginary Spleen, Almost In Public‘ is a document of the 20th irr. public performance, which took place in Portland on 18 June 2012. This 2xCDR set also includes the last three rehearsals leading up to the show, each of which have significant differences from one another. A liberal infusion of skittlebumbery will be in evidence. Get the details here.



I’ve finally come to understand that my approach with the previous batches of download material was flawed, and so I’m hoping to remedy that flaw this time around (live and learn, as the potatoes always say). A lot of people still prefer physical releases (as do I), and having to back-pedal afterwards with releases like ‘Ustrojenstvozaginate’ is a lousy way to do it when there are some who will have only bought the downloads because it was the only format available at the time. So from now on I’ll make an effort have a physical version available at the same time that the download version is released — or at least provide information that a physical format is forthcoming if it’s being released by someone other than myself. In any case, both ‘Tuberpendicular’ and ‘Deflating An Imaginary Spleen’ are also available as download releases at the irr. download resource here.

irrCTIoU&PREcvrAlso new to the shop are 2 cassette releases from the Readymades Tapes (Quality Since 1893) label. This year Readymades has assembled a roster of artists (of which I am one) and will begin following a regular-ish release schedule using combinations and permutations amongst that roster. The first batch includes the new irr. audio document ‘Concerning The Incidence of Unexpected & Prodigious Radial Expansion In The Matter Of Generative Diversity Of Varied Character’, which makes a thorough examination of something-or-other mentioned in ArptVerjeneppTonxtie cvrthe title. A collaborative release with Vertonen & At Jennie Richie is available as well, with the A-side being a Vertonen At Jennie Richie track, and the B-side being an elaboration of that track by irr. (hey — that’s me!). The first is a c21 (here) and the other is a c46 (here). For the full Readybatch (which includes new releases from At Jennie Richie, Crank Sturgeon, Six Heads, Swastika Novelty Co., Vertonen and a label compilation that includes a new irr. track) visit the Readymades web site here. All Readymade editions are very small, so act soon or feel like a buffoon.

If that wasn’t enough, two releases from the Petit Mal Music label have (finally) been added. One is the Die Propylgruppe ‘Produkt 01‘ 3″ CDR, a collaboration between the legendary electro-acoustic go-getters R K Faulhaber and Jim Haynes. The perfect soundtrack for a intimate evening at home making love to your favourite robot. Get it here. The second is the ‘Oxidant‘ 3″ DVDR from NF Orchest, featuring the full audio of their set for the ‘Final Utterance’ event in San Francisco back in 2010, and the backing video projections used for the same event created by Jerry Smith. Get it here. Both of these are only available in single-digit quantities, so they won’t be around for much longer.



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