Some NWW Events

Between Nov 24th and Dec 8th I’ll be overseas for a pair of NWW events, and will only have intermittent internet access during that time. So if you buy anything from the shop, be aware that it won’t ship until the 9th (at the earliest) and there will probably be a delay of several days before I can respond to any messages.

If you happen to be in Bratislava on Nov 26th or in London on Dec 5th, come and see a show and say hello. Here are some links for more details:

Bratislava (NEXT Festival) – with Atom Tone, James Welburn & Wilhelm Bras:

London (St John Sessions/ThirtyThree ThirtyThree) – with Faust & Cut Hands:

There are also a pair of NWW shows being arranged in Sweden for the end of January, but I’ll post more about that when the time gets a bit closer.


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