Digital Single Series Continues…

Hello all:

I’d intended to post an update last month, but my medical issues are still being sorted out and so I lost track and forgot. Not much different from my usual pattern, really…

Fortunately, I have been keeping on schedule with the digital single series on Bandcamp. Since the last update, two new entries have been added, so March, February and January are available to thrill and astonish you:



I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all of the people who have been buying the digital singles, and the many of you who added additional funds to help me out. Far beyond the financial side of it, your encouragement & support have made my life immeasurably better over these difficult months. Thank you so much.

As I mentioned last time, the tracks for the next irr. physical release, ’10 Stations’, has been completed. I had intended to release the album in January, but at the end of December the embolism nonsense occurred and all my plans were thrown into disarray. It’s already April now, of course, and so most likely the album will materialise in June.

I haven’t been idle in the meantime, though: in addition to the monthly single series, I’ve been preparing a handmade edition of the irr./NWW collaboration ‘4 Orphans’. This physical version will be housed in a mini hardbound cover and will include 3 previously unreleased tracks. I’d hoped to have it ready by the end of March, but the packaging turned out to be more labour-intensive than I’d expected, so it will probably be another week or two before it’s ready. It’ll be a small edition, and a bit pricey: partly because of all the work involved in assembling it, but also because the purpose behind it is to raise some funds so I can get through the rest of my recovery without having to further impose on my family for help. Full details on this release will follow very soon.

Another very special handmade project has also been in the works, about which I am so excited and amazed that I can hardly express it. And I am not going to express it at the moment. When it is 100% sorted and ready to roll, you’ll be the first to know.

much love to you all


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