NWW in London

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The eie shop will be closed between March 15th and 25th, as I’ll be away in London for another Nurse With Wound performance and will be unable to process orders during that time. Details about the show (and tickets) can be found here. Stop by stage left and say hello if you’re attending! I should have some internet access while I’m gone, but my ability to respond to messages will be sporadic.

A number of new projects are in the works: new albums, old albums, art projects, video projects, and maybe a podcast. Progress is always slow (because I am) but I should have some more details to share shortly after I get back. One detail I can give now: 5 out of 8 tracks are completed for the restored edition of the essentially-unreleased 2nd irr. album ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ from 1998/99, with track 6 getting very close. A preview of track 1 can be heard at the irr. Soundcloud page here.

Also, a visual (and possibly audio) collaboration with Head Nurse Steven Stapleton has been underway for several months, and is now nearing the finish line. I’ve been making steady progress on my part of it, and will be working hard to finish as soon as I shake off the jetlag. The first piece in the series can be seen below.

Dark Fat 01

Best wishes to all for the approaching Springtime!



A Few New Bits Here And There

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A couple of new irr. tracks have been included in a pair of recently-posted online compilations.

23 Seconds Ov Time, Volume 11 (One Channel, All Frequencies) cvr 2015
The first is “There Isn’t Time”, a 23-second long track for Volume 11 of the ’23 Seconds Ov Time’ series. The entire collection can be downloaded here: http://ain23.com/23sot/v11_download.html . Full details can be found through links on the same page.


No More Gun Violence, Volume II cvr 2016
The second is “Threnody For 13,000”, a 6-minute track for Volume 2 of the ‘No More Gun Violence’ series hosted on Bandcamp: http://nomoregunviolence.bandcamp.com/album/no-more-gun-violence-vol-ii . It’s $7 to download, and all proceeds go to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. There will be 4 volumes in the series, and 3 of them are presently available.



I’ll be away in Sweden from January 20th to the 26th for a pair of NWW shows, so I will be unable to process any orders until the 27th and will have little or no internet access while I’m gone. It’s probably not the best time of the year to take a trip to Sweden, but I’m hopeful to arrive back home with all of my fingers and toes. If you happen to be in Sweden on those days, come by and say hello! Information about the shows can be found here:

Stockholm, January 22nd: http://www.facebook.com/events/109552526082515/

Malmo, January 23rd: http://getevents.co/events/nurse-with-wound/5677dd8d1874ce5773aa6348


Happy 2016!

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A Very Happy New Year to everyone! May your world only get better in 2016!

EIE New Year's card 2015-16

Some NWW Events

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Between Nov 24th and Dec 8th I’ll be overseas for a pair of NWW events, and will only have intermittent internet access during that time. So if you buy anything from the shop, be aware that it won’t ship until the 9th (at the earliest) and there will probably be a delay of several days before I can respond to any messages.

If you happen to be in Bratislava on Nov 26th or in London on Dec 5th, come and see a show and say hello. Here are some links for more details:

Bratislava (NEXT Festival) – with Atom Tone, James Welburn & Wilhelm Bras: http://2015.nextfestival.sk/?lang=en

London (St John Sessions/ThirtyThree ThirtyThree) – with Faust & Cut Hands: https://www.facebook.com/events/126329931054156/

There are also a pair of NWW shows being arranged in Sweden for the end of January, but I’ll post more about that when the time gets a bit closer.


Displaced Materials

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted here: partly from my being too busy, but also just another one of my periodic lapses from contact with the outside world. The previous few months have mostly been occupied with completing a new Nurse With Wound album with Steve Stapleton, which we’ve constructed out of extracts from the archive of live recordings I’ve been amassing for the past 10 years. It’s not a selection of live ‘highlights’ or anything like that, but an entirely new record built by combining some of the most interesting moments into unique new tracks. As I’m the one in the group that records everything — shows, soundchecks, rehearsals, off-stage events — it naturally fell to me to sort through and find elements that could work together. The project took longer than expected since it kept expanding as we went along: it was first planned as a single vinyl release, then an extended CD version was proposed, then an entire second disc was added, and then Steve decided he wanted to do a collaborative art edition — and we are now just wrapping up that final aspect of it.

SylvieOn a related note, an expanded, double-disc reissue of the classic NWW album ‘Sylvie & Babs‘ was recently released by United Dirter, and I was fortunate to be able to contribute a variety of things to it: clean-up and mastering of all the different S&B-related cassette compilations tracks, a brand new track of my own in the S&B collage style, and a new graphic that’s been used for the cover of the inner booklet. It’s astonishing to think back to how much I loved that album when I first bought it over twenty years ago, and to now find myself involved in a version of it. If you’re on the east side of the Atlantic, you can get a copy at the new NWW shop: www.nursewithwound.co.uk. I only have five copies on hand to sell myself: not enough to warrant creating a listing in the shop, but if you’re in the States and would like to get one and save some pricey overseas postage, drop me a note at irrappext (at) gmail.com and I’ll let you know if I still have any left (and I’ll put up a short post to announce when they’re gone). I’ll be selling my copies for $20 each + postage (probably about $4 Media Mail).

Materieux Deplaces cvrBut the principal reason for this new post is to announce the release of the new irr. album Matériaux Déplacés. This is a expanded, double-disc version of the small-edition cassette released by the now-defunct ReadyMades Tapes label back in April. A full description of the album can be found on the item page, but, briefly, the original two 15-minute tracks from the cassette are now combined with several more tracks from the NDAS archives which were constructed using a similar approach, and linked with a series of short excerpts of varied location recordings and upright piano manipulation (similar sources having been an important part of those two original tracks). This release is limited to only 120 copies, as I suspect it will have a more limited appeal. You can grab a copy here.

A lot of other things are in the works: a second collaboration with Pentti Dassum’s Umpio project (which has only been held up by me trying to finish all the stuff listed above); a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel for the very slow-progressing collaboration with French pianist Sylvie Walder (all the tracks are now finished, and only the packaging needs to be sorted out); a bit more progress made in restoring the unreleased second irr. album from 1998 ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’; and a similarly long-in-preparation and exhaustively comprehensive online irr. discography (to balance out the jumble of faulty information available elsewhere). Some printed graphic collections with accompanying audio are in the planning stages, with the hopes that these might act as a remedy to the ever-plummeting record sales.

One final note: Nurse With Wound peformances in Bratislava (November 26th) and London (December 5th) are in the process of being sorted out, and I should be present for both of them. Travel arrangements have not yet been finalised, however, so nothing can be said with absolute certainty quite yet.


Jennies, ‘Chenies, Senses and Incidences now added to the shop

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irrJENNIESirrCTIoU&PREeeAs per occasional request, CDR versions of the 4 most recent download albums have now been added to the shop. Each is limited to the usual 200 copies, and are packaged in the cottage-made style of the previous CDR releases (with perhaps an extra dash or two of cottage-sauce in a few of them). These are: ‘The Jennies Made Me Do It {1}‘, ‘CTIoU&PREITMoGDoVC‘, ‘Perekluchenie‘ [expanded edition], and ‘Resurrection Of The Senses‘ [expanded edition]. Full details can be found on the individual item pages. Buttons for several combined postage options are available on each page — including a discounted option for the full set of 4.

Apologies for taking so long to get these listed: I had some tricky cottage-printer-related problems to sort out which caused considerable delay, as well as some other cottage-oriented issues that were persistant and irritatingly cottagey.


best wishes to all


Happy Something Something

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EIE New Year's card 2014-15

All the best to all of you in 2015