Sale Bundles, Part 1

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Hello all:

It’s tax time (ugh) here in the States once again, and so I’m prompted to do my annual scramble in hopes of coaxing some funds into the coffers before the tax man drops the axe. I’ve put together a few different bundles of related releases, rarities and artwork — all priced in a range that will hopefully inspire wanton consumer frenzy while still bringing in enough bananas to alleviate the seasonal economic distress.

These bundles are are mostly one-of-a-kind (or very limited), so I’m taking my usual approach of not listing them in the shop to avoid multiple button-pushes on something that has already sold. If you’re interested in one of the bundles, please send me an e-mail at so I can confirm availability. Also, feel free to get in touch if you have questions about any of the items. Please do not use the payment buttons on any of the artwork that is already listed in the shop: the prices will not be correct.

As always, apologies to people outside of the US for the lousy postage rates.

Bundle #1:

A Beginners Guide To Nurse With Wound, part 3 [expanded version]   –   SOLD








A spectacular way to start off a NWW record collection for yourself, a lonely grandparent, or that grumpy neighbour waiting for a kidney transplant. The bundle includes a profusion of Nursey classics, old and new: Sylvie & Babs (2CD version), Bar Maldoror (2CD version), Dark Fat (2CD) + Dark Drippings bonus disc (#30 gold number edition), Shipwreck Radio Volume 1 (2CD), Shipwreck Radio Final Broadcasts, The Man With The Woman Face + bonus material disc, Soundpooling + Handjob For The Laughing Policeman bonus disc, Spiral Insana (2CD silver book edition), A Sucked Orange (2CD version), Insect & Individual Silenced (expanded), Automating Volume 3, May The Fleas Of A Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits, Od Lot, A Possible Nursemix (CDR). 23 discs in total. All CD are brand new. The ‘Spiral Insana’ book has some wrinkling at the top left corner due to being poorly packed when it was shipped to me, but is otherwise in new condition.

A special bonus for this bundle is the piece of original artwork pictured above, drawn by yours truly and based on Steven Stapleton’s cheeky ‘Sugar Fish Drink’ capering imp character. The artwork image size is 9″ x 9″, ink on archival board, signed & dated on the back. Click on the images for a closer look.

The price for bundle #1 is $250. Total package weight is 62 oz, so Priority Mail postage in the US is an additional $20, and First Class International postage anywhere else is an additional $50 (*choke*).

A second option is available for the US: I can’t send a package containing artwork via Media Mail, but I can send the art & the discs separately. Media Mail for the bundle of discs (56 oz.) is $4.50, and First Class for the artwork (9 oz.) is $4, so a total of $8.50 to send everything using a slower delivery method & a divided package. Be aware that the two packages will not be arriving at the same time.


Bundle #2:

irr. Cassette Rarities   –   SOLD








This bundle contains a variety of irr. app. (ext.) cassette releases, all of which are limited edition releases and most of which are now out-of-print: Matériaux Déplacés, The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk, Flux/Crayfish (which I forgot to include in the photo), “[??]” (irr + Six Heads), Backflow Background (irr split with At Jennie Richie), Unknown Invertebrate Drama (irr split with At Jennie Richie), Cascades Of The Absurd (compilation with irr, Pink Void, At Jennie Richie, Broken Penis Orchestra, Red Squirrels), Readymades Compilation Of Arrangements (compilation with irr, At Jennie Richie, Crank Sturgeon, Vertonen), New Directions In Experimental Music (3 cassette compilation with one side each of irr, The Haters, Mlhest, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Andy Ortmann, Mixed Band Philanthropist — #58/100). 11 cassettes in total.

A special bonus for this bundle is the piece of original artwork pictured above, drawn by someone who is either myself or bears an uncanny resemblance to myself. The artwork image size is 8″ x 8″, ink on archival board, signed & dated on the back. Click on the images for a closer look.

The price for bundle #1 is $90. Total package weight is 34 oz, so Priority Mail postage in the US is an additional $18.50, and First Class International postage anywhere else is an additional $35 (*sigh*).

A second option is available for the US: I can’t send a package containing artwork via Media Mail, but I can send the art & the discs separately. Media Mail for the bundle of cassettes (29 oz.) is $3.50, and First Class for the artwork (6 oz.) is $3.50, so a total of $7 to send everything using a slower delivery method & a divided package. Be aware that the two packages will not be arriving at the same time.


Bundle #3:

Eight Prints To The Wind








I recently came across a stash of surplus colour digital collage prints that had made for the exhibit at the Goodfoot in Portland a several years back, so I’ve gathered together 8 of the ones that seemed likely to be the most broadly appealing — although I’ll have to admit to having very dubious judgment when it comes to that kind of thing. All prints will be signed and are in a general 9″ to 12″ per-side range (the perfectly square one in the photos is 11″ x 11″, which should give a good idea of the relative sizes of the others). Click on the images for a closer look: the image with the black background has the original digital versions, and other image is a photo of the actual prints.

I believe I have enough prints to sell 5 separate sets of these particular 8 prints.

The price for bundle #3 is $45. Total package weight is 12 oz, so Priority Mail postage in the US is either an additional $4.50/First Class or $9/Priority, and First Class International postage anywhere else is an additional $22.50 (*sob*). Unfortunately, Media Mail is not an option for artwork.


Bundle #4:

Matted Prints  –  SOLD






I still have two of the colour prints that were signed, single-matted & backed for the Goodfoot exhibit, and for a short time I am offering them for sale individually at $40 each, or as a pair for $70. All boards are archival quality. Click on the image for a closer look.


‘Invertebrate Technology’ (top image): 15 1/2″ x 11 3/8″ total matted size.
Package weight is 17 ounces, so $13 Priority Mail postage in the US, and $22.50 First Class International.

‘The 11-Year Backwards Sleepwalk’ (bottom image): 15 1/2″ x 12 3/4″ total matted size.
Package weight is 19 ounces, so $13 Priority Mail postage in the US, and $22.50 First Class International.


Combined package weight is 28 ounces, so $13 Priority Mail US and $22.50 First Class International. So postage is exactly the same for each individually or bundled. Media Mail is not an option for artwork, and the weights are above the 13 ounce limit for US First Class.


I have a few other bundles in preparation, and will try to have them listed in the next few days.

big truckloads of love to everyone


Happy-ish 2017!

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I’m a bit late posting the new eie HNY card here… I put it up on the irr. Facebook page, and then it completely slipped my mind. In any event, I wish you all a stunning New Year — which will hopefully unfold in a manner completely different to all of the doom and gloom that various social and corporate media outlets have been predicting. I’m reasonably optimistic myself about what I’ll be able to accomplish in 2017; but being a small, unnoticed, subterranean crawling thing, the shifting winds of economic and political fortune generally don’t have much impact on me (not right away, anyways: not until the effects start to seep into the drinking water). The political arena has always been a sewer, and I think the more we can liberate ourselves from its influence, the happier we’ll all be. However trite it may sound, what you put out into the world will be what you end up having to wallow in, so try to stay positive. I’m saying this to myself as much as to anyone else out there…


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Hello All:

After four long years and endless faffing about in unproductive limboland, the irr. app. (ext.) / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / The New Blockaders collaborative mash-up ‘DDTTNBX’ is finally pressed, printed and available for purchase here. As the other contributors should indicate, the descriptive term ‘mash-up’ has probably never been so appropriate: mashing, grinding, pulping, pummeling, excoriation and lambastery of all varieties are in spectacular abundance on this record — although not to the complete exclusion of intermittent moments of poignant reflection. For this collection, the original ‘DDTTNB’ track from BSBC has been drastically expanded (hence the ‘X’ added to the title: getit? hunh? getit?) with a lively irr/TNB collaboration, a creaky new irr. track, and a gigantic collision between irr/BSBC/TNB. A full hour of sonic abuse all told. All tracks have been mastered by your humble servant, and graphic wrappings have been concocted by someone uncannily similar. This release has promptly & graciously been rendered into material form by Phage Tapes.

Combo-package buttons for this album with either the irr./BSBC ‘Discordant Convergence’ CD (also released by Phage) or the two most recent irr. albums ‘I Made This…’ and ‘Matériaux Déplacés’ have been added at the bottom of the page for your shopping convenience.

The next two new irr. albums are still in progress, but it will probably be a while yet before they reach completion: I shifted them to the back burner when presented with the opportunity at long last to finish off ‘DDTTNBX’, and then decided to wrap up a few other overlong-lingering collaborations, like the second irr./Umpio album and and an art collaboration with Steven Stapleton. More news about these and other things will follow eventually, but I can tell you that one of the new irr. albums will be called ‘Voice Of The Tiktaalik (Or, In The Sunshine Of Your Lungs)’. The other one may or may not be called ‘Unfeasible Couplings’. And a 10″ release on Drone Records is now underway as well. Start saving your nickels.

The Paradoxosomatid throng & myself wish you all an enjoyable November.


Chewing Some Fat

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Hello All:

As usual, I’m running quite far behind on the schedule I’d hoped to be following, and this is prompting me to adjust my plans a little bit. I’ve found it works better to make new items available in clusters to allow people (especially overseas customers) to reduce their postage costs by combining items, so my intention has been to delay making my copies of the new NWW ‘Dark Fat’ album available until I could offer it in combination with the next two new irr. releases and a new Readymades compilation. That was the plan, but the new albums are simply taking too long, and enough people have started making inquiries about when I’d get around to dishing out some Fat that I’ve decided it’s time to get on with it. I don’t want to rush the new material arbitrarily, and I don’t want to delay making DF available so long that everyone gets fed up and buys their copies somewhere else (which may have already happened to some extent). Fortunately, I do have a couple other things to offer right now, so I’ll just be grouping everything in two smaller batches instead of all together in one.


Nurse With Wound - Dark Fat cvr SM DARK FAT + DARK DRIPPINGS

All lot of you probably already know about the most recent Nurse With Wound 2 CD album ‘Dark Fat’, so I won’t go into too much detail about it. The album was built out of the archive of live recordings I’ve been making since the current version of NWW live activity began in 2005, but it is by no means a straightforward live document: all of the sources have been layered and manipulated to create entirely new works. I played a large role in constructing the album, as well as cleaning up all the source material, fitting all the pieces together and mastering the final result. The outcome is really rather nice, if I do say so myself, and is spectacularly packaged with new Babs Santini collages. My own stash of copies to sell is limited to 35, and, as a consequence of being the only one based in the States, I was last in line to receive them, so I’ve put together a little bonus in hopes of enticing people of buying their copies from me (although, as I mentioned before, I may have missed the boat on that as a result of delaying things for so long).

Dark Drippings coverDark Drippings bcover This extra enticement is called ‘Dark Drippings’ (the Brits out there should catch the meaning), an hour-long additional disc I’ve assembled out of ‘Dark Fat’ trimmings and alternates. I’ve created some artwork for it that closely mimics Bab’s DF cover art, while also being a bit saucier in nature (<nudge nudge> Getit? Hanh? Getit? <snort!>). A copy of ‘Dark Drippings’ is bundled with each of the 35 copies of ‘Dark Fat’ that I have for sale. This does mean that the price is a little higher, since another motive behind it was to make a little more return from the few copies I have to sell. Apologies to those you don’t want the extra disc: all my copies are being bundled and priced this way.

Here are the liner notes to provide a bit more information: “This disc is a collection of raw sources, outtakes and alternate versions from the Nurse With Wound ‘Dark Fat’ double CD. The project underwent several significant changes over the course of a year-and-a-half: first being intended as part of a box set, and then a single disc on its own, and then a single disc with a limited bonus disc of outtakes, and finally a fully-realised double disc set. Around half of the material contained here represents that initial ‘outtake’ version of the second disc, minus those sections that carried over to the released version. In keeping with the original guiding concept behind it, the additional content is either: 1) an unmodified extract of the live recordings that were altered & layered to create the tracks on ‘Dark Fat’ (such as track 5, which is an excerpt of the Scribble Seven performance at St. Peter’s Arts Centre in 2006), 2) an alternate source with distinct audio character (such as track 10, which is the direct-from-the-board version of an extract from the 2008 London Fields Lido ‘swimming pool’ concert, rather than the underwater recording used on ‘DF’), or 3) an outtake from one of the concerts that I felt was unique, or at least unusual, but would never fit in anywhere except a bits-and-bobs collection like this (such as my stirring interpretation of ‘The Old Man Of The Mountain’ on track 6, taken from our second appearance at the AvantGarde Festival in 2009, and which was the only of the three attempted performances of the song that wasn’t completely awful). As with ‘Dark Fat’ itself, piquant moments from soundchecks and wacky extracts from NWW’s solitary attempt at a reheasal (just prior to the show at Koko in 2011) have been liberally sprinkled throughout. Two tracks I’d created for the Nine Day Antler Society using NWW soundcheck sources (’A Subsidence In Possibilities Precipitated By The Peroration Of A South-Facing Markhor’ {July 2014} and ‘1959, The Observatory’ {November 2014}) have also been included.”

Dark Drippings is very simply packaged in the style of the NWW bonus discs included with ‘Soundpooling’, ‘The Man With The Woman Face’, and the ‘Shipwreck Radio’ volumes: a fully-printed CDR in a plastic sleeve with a 2-sided, 4 panel fold-out insert. The price for the DF/DD 3 disc set is $30 + postage (7 oz. @ $3 Media Mail (US) / $13.50 international). Not wanting to snub those of you who have already bought ‘Dark Fat’ from a different source (and also hoping to squeeze some additional and much-needed funds from this thing), I’m also making 50 copies of ‘Dark Drippings’ available individually for $12 + postage (3 oz. @ $3 Media Mail /$13.50 international). All 85 copies will be individually numbered, the 35 DF/DD copies numbered in gold and the 50 individual copies numbered in silver. Since I have so few copies, I’m not listing this in the shop: just contact me at to arrange an order or to ask questions.


Readymade Mondo Anthem cvr


I also have a mere 5 copies of the new ‘Readymade Mondo Anthem!’ compilation cassette available for purchase. An 80-minute final hurrah from the now-defunct Readymade Tapes label, it features 2 exclusive tracks from irr. app. (ext.) plus fold-out cover & insert art from myself. This collection has actually been released by Black Horzions, as Readymades had already disintegrated before the project was fully finalised. 2 tracks each from At Jennie Richie, Vertonen, Balkh, Six Heads and Crank Sturgeon are also included, with everything wrapped up in Black Horizons’ typically stunning silver-on-black printed inserts. Copies are $10 + postage (5 oz. @ $3 Media Mail (US) / $13.50 international). Once again, since copies are so scarce I’m not going to list this item in the shop; instead, inquire at Keep in mind I only have 5 copies of this item.



mini-print set FULL sm MINI PRINT SET

Lastly, I’ve created some small prints of 28 of my art pieces: 12 paintings, 8 brush & ink drawings, and 8 charcoal drawings. The images are printed on heavy 110# white paper, image sizes approximately 7 3/4″ x 7 3/4″ and the overall sizes being around 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Except for the charcoal pieces, everything is full colour. To be honest, I’m not sure if this project was a good idea, and I’m a bit stumped as to how best to offer them up for sale. I’ve come up with a few different options, as follows:

individual prints are available for $5 + postage (4 oz. @ $3 First Class (US) / $13.50 international)

full set of all 8 charcoal images or 8 brush & ink images = $35 + postage (8 oz. @ $3.50 First Class (US) / $13.50 international)

full set of all 12 painted images = $50 + postage (11 oz. @ $4 First Class (US) / $22.50 international)

mix and match any 5 prints = $22 (7 oz. @ $3.50 First Class (US) / $13.50 international)

full set of 28 images = $100 (20 oz. @ $13 Priority (US) / $22.50 international)

You can better see the image options, each listed by title and a print number, by clicking these thumbnails:

sale chart 1a - paintingssale chart 1b - paintingssale chart 2 - inksale chart 3 - charcoal

As with everything else listed in this newsletter, I am not going to create a shop listing for these items — at least, not until I find out if it’s worthwhile to keep these prints in stock. To order, contact me at and list the prints you want by both number and title (just to be absolutely sure). If it’s a long title, any coherent abbreviation will suffice. Be aware that print orders, or any combined order including prints, can not be shipped by Media Mail: First Class or Priority will have to be used.

Combined postage can be figured for any combinations of anything listed here or in the shop. And, as always, apologies to overseas customers for the obscene international postage rates!


More news about new irr. releases and various other treasures will hopefully follow later in the month.


NWW in Tilburg & some light entertainment

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Hello all:

NWW is performing on the final day (May 15th) of the Incubate festival in Tilburg, Netherlands: full details can be found at the Incubate site here. Stop by and say hello if you’re attending. I’ll have some discs from the irr. shop on hand, so it’ll be a good opportunity to avoid the horrendous postal rates if any of you Dutch residents ever wanted to order something.

Speaking of international performances, I’ve established an irr. app. (ext.) channel on YouTube (here) and have added four video excerpts from the many and varied irr. concerts throughout the centuries. More video bits and blobules for your perusal will be added soon. The direct links to the four videos are below.


On the release front, the ‘Dark Fat’ double CD I assembled for & with Nurse With Wound finally has been pressed and should be in stock in a couple of weeks. More news about that will be posted when I have copies in hand.

best wishes





NWW in London

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The eie shop will be closed between March 15th and 25th, as I’ll be away in London for another Nurse With Wound performance and will be unable to process orders during that time. Details about the show (and tickets) can be found here. Stop by stage left and say hello if you’re attending! I should have some internet access while I’m gone, but my ability to respond to messages will be sporadic.

A number of new projects are in the works: new albums, old albums, art projects, video projects, and maybe a podcast. Progress is always slow (because I am) but I should have some more details to share shortly after I get back. One detail I can give now: 5 out of 8 tracks are completed for the restored edition of the essentially-unreleased 2nd irr. album ‘Foreign Matter, Nor Frequency Carrier’ from 1998/99, with track 6 getting very close. A preview of track 1 can be heard at the irr. Soundcloud page here.

Also, a visual (and possibly audio) collaboration with Head Nurse Steven Stapleton has been underway for several months, and is now nearing the finish line. I’ve been making steady progress on my part of it, and will be working hard to finish as soon as I shake off the jetlag. The first piece in the series can be seen below.

Dark Fat 01

Best wishes to all for the approaching Springtime!


A Few New Bits Here And There

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A couple of new irr. tracks have been included in a pair of recently-posted online compilations.

23 Seconds Ov Time, Volume 11 (One Channel, All Frequencies) cvr 2015
The first is “There Isn’t Time”, a 23-second long track for Volume 11 of the ’23 Seconds Ov Time’ series. The entire collection can be downloaded here: . Full details can be found through links on the same page.


No More Gun Violence, Volume II cvr 2016
The second is “Threnody For 13,000”, a 6-minute track for Volume 2 of the ‘No More Gun Violence’ series hosted on Bandcamp: . It’s $7 to download, and all proceeds go to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. There will be 4 volumes in the series, and 3 of them are presently available.



I’ll be away in Sweden from January 20th to the 26th for a pair of NWW shows, so I will be unable to process any orders until the 27th and will have little or no internet access while I’m gone. It’s probably not the best time of the year to take a trip to Sweden, but I’m hopeful to arrive back home with all of my fingers and toes. If you happen to be in Sweden on those days, come by and say hello! Information about the shows can be found here:

Stockholm, January 22nd:

Malmo, January 23rd: